1. According the dictionary a prototype is "an original model on which something is patterned"

    Why do I mention that definition? Well two weeks ago I purchased a Messenger PM Bosphore bag from ELuxury. I posted the pictures of my bag and one of our members noticed that the bag was different from the one pictured on ELuxury website. The difference also can be seen from the prototype that appears on the Louis Vuitton site. The leather trim on the interior of the bag was missing. How could that be?

    I have attached a picture of what appears online and the bag I received - thanks to a member on this site for point out the difference and for the picture attached. I'm truly grateful for that.

    I called ELuxury Customer Service this morning and they stated that the bag pictured online is a prototype. They stated that the bags sent out to customers could be different from what is pictured online! I thought it best to call Louis Vuitton customer service - and to my surprise they stated the same thing, "The bag pictured online is a prototype and differs from what we ship to customers."

    What gives - doesn't prototype mean that all bags produced should be "patterned to the original model"?

    Has anyone experienced something like that before?
  2. Sometime they put prototype pics just to confuse the faker. Like in MC line, it shouldn't have red LV but it shows red LV in the website (and fakers put red LV i the pattern. One bag that I know very well is HUDSON PM because I have it
    Here is eluxury photo: take a look the strap holes and buckle holes


    It's what they suppose to look like:just normal holes not long like the pics


    and buckle holes:


    Don't worry, as long as you purchased it from Eluxury, it's real. If you take your bag to the store, I bet it's all like the one you have.
  3. if you're not happy with it, then send it back :yes:
  4. I think another PFer mentioned before that the bags that are listed on the Elux site has slight varience from the actual item so to throw off counterfeiters. HTH!

    lol bagsnbags, i think we posted at the same time!! :lol:
  5. LV puts pictures of prototypes t deter counterfeiters. For example, the Theda on Eluxury shows laces on the sides, which the real Theda does not have. Also, the Multicolore Speedy's show red LV's which the real ones do not.

  6. I wasn't finished and stupid hand push the button :lol: :lol:
  7. Most of the bags you see on ads/stock photos are prototypes. Ever closely look at the spread of Uma with the MC Shirley? The LV symbols are placed much lower (or is it higher?) than they are on the actual ones released to the public...which is what a lot of the fakes look like! So I guess in that way, they are successful in fooling the counterfeiters :lol:
  8. Many thanks for your messages. I never realized that LV had to do so many things to deter counterfeiters.
  9. Wow, first reading this thread scared the bajeebas out of me. I purchased my Messenger Bosphore PM at a Louis Vuitton store and it does not have the leather either. I kinda like the look of the leather. So what you are saying is that there is no such model with the leather?
  10. Unfortunately - the prototype has the leather trim, but the version given to customers doesn't. I can understand LV's attempts to fight against counterfeiters with slight changes to their bags - however, a complete line of leather trimming being omitted sort of bothers me.

    The Customer Service Rep at ELux was very understanding. He totally understood how I felt. He stated, "I'm sure it is difficult having others doubt a real LV bag. If it was fake who would care, but a real bag is a different story."
  11. I have to agree with you..varying strap holes and bucket holes is one thing but completely omiting the line of leather trimming hum.?? Im not sure about that one, I wish it was there- but I adopted my Messenger and will still give her a good loving home..
  12. From what I have learned from working in fashion, is that they produce the prototype for companies to photograph and bring to presentations. At that time, that is how the designer imagines the final product to look like. However, changes are sometimes made and the final product looks completely different or has slight variations.
  13. Also to add, they sometimes produce a product and later down the line decide against it, and the product does not get produced at all.
  14. Never said I was truly disatisfied.. only that I wished it were there followed by I adopted her and will continue to giver her a good home...:yes: