Prototype for auction on Prada! <Scream!>

  1. OMG is finally moving forward after years of being just a advertising poster!

    They are now having auctions for prototypes used in fashion shows - translates to being the only piece that will ever be made!! All proceeds go to charity and I read that delivery is free... Worldwide! <Although under terms and conditions, this is not mentioned>

    Some of the bags are cute, but the fact that it is the one and only piece ever makes it oh-so desirable:drool:

    Unfortunately, it seems that the guys (literally) are trying really hard to bid for the bags! Bryanboy himself has bid 1000 euro for one of the bags.

    I think someone here in the mothership of Prada forums, like Queen Prada aka Jill, need to uphold justice and stop him! Lol. I think I might convince my DH to outbid him on that green mini-trunk! Its war! :roflmfao:
  2. Here are some pics of the mini-trunk!
  3. OMG Ive just saw this, I love that bag
  4. I love that navy coat but a Prada small? That could be a 36 -- I'm figuring they'd say a 40 was a medium no?

    Love the lace up boots -- my hsb tried on the tied dress shoes like that last week and they are hot !

    Thanks for finding this magus !!
  5. Where is Jill when you need her?! lol! :roflmfao:
  6. The coat is a 40 -- I emailed, they answered :smile:
  7. Also, if you've noticed, some people are bidding so much they're just bidding against themselves. Not so smart !! eBay 101 no??
  8. :yucky::rolleyes:^^I HATE THAT!!!! Why do people insist on doing that?!!!
  9. funny, i just saw the prada auctions yesterday and immediately thought of jill too!
  10. Do we know if anyone here got this bag?
  11. I didn't... but the new bags like orange one and the crocodile ones are even more fab!
  12. The crocodile one is tdf !, its just ashame that most of us dont have a chance of winning these because companies such as Vogue and other magazines are bidding. :sad:
  13. btw - does anyone know how much the green/silver bag went for ? thanks!
  14. LOL...Jill is TRYIN to b hem.......
    Gonna have a looksie in a min though..hehe
  15. I've been watching this auction alot -- it seems a bit weird, not like eBay, in that I think if you put in a top $$ amount, that's what you pay, instead of just needing to outbid the person before you.
    Anyway -- my kitty cat is in the cat hospital and I believe my bidding budget is going to go for that -- poor baby may not make it regardless of all the expensive care but I couldn't live with myself if I didn't try :sad: