ProteinPowders Modest but Colorful Collection

  1. It's small but I'm off to a great start.
    I also have a pair of gucci tortise shell sunglasses but I haven't taken a picture yet.

    Closeup of my 1st Coach Handbag:

    I love this forum! Everyone has been super sweet and helpful! Thanks so much!
  2. Great collection
  3. Now that you have started there is no turning back..
  4. ooo cute!!!!!!! love your pink coach, after i got my pink coach i was sooo crazy about handbags!!
  5. I AGREE!!!!

    I love your colourful scarf/tie with the monogram on the reverse!!!!!
  6. Lovely :love: I adore the pink purse..the color is hot :biggrin: thanks for sharing!!
  7. oh, i love the coach scarf! my bf wants me to get it, but i am not all about color......
  8. Thanks for sharing- the pink coach is cute!
  9. oh, cute!!! thanks for posting and sharing pix!!
  10. cute! and colorful!
    i love the scarf!
  11. SOO cute love the little green purse!
    and i just bought the same hair scarf i LOVE IT!!! its like 2 in one :smile: hehe
  12. love the legacy pony scarf

    cute collection !
  13. nice! thanks for sharing!
  14. Oh, Girls thanks so much for the compliments!
    The bag is actually not pink its a scarlett red, I guess it didn't show up enough in the pictures. It's my favorite purse, and I never thought I liked signature pieces before this and the scarf lol!

    I am not as much either in my clothes, but accessories... It looks very chic in the hair or on a bag, especially with a brown outfit, neutral natural colors. And if he wants you to have it, ask him to buy it for you! :graucho:
  15. i love all 3 pieces! i LOVE that scarlet piece, when did you get it? it's DELISH. i love the little C's :yes: i love that bag and i want that ponytail scarf. i'd say ur hooked gf!