Protein shakes?

  1. Has anyone tried Dessert protein?
    I currently use Isopure, but I keep seeing Dessert advertised and I'm wondering if it's any good....
  2. Never tried it. I have been using Max Muscle's High 5 Protein, it is a phenominal product :yes:
  3. I've never tried Dessert Protein. I've tried Designer Whey and I really like it. Normally I use EAS Myoplex in vanilla. It's inexpensive and mixes well.

    Does Dessert Protein have a small trial size that you can buy, to see what it's like?
  4. Sorry, I've never tried it either. I like BioX Xtreme Power Whey in chocolate made w/ stevia because I hate artificial sugars like sucralose. Does Dessert Protein contain sucralose?
  5. I use Beverly Intl Muscle Provider and love it!
  6. I cant bring myself to drink these... all the HUGE military boys im surronded with drink down like 5 pound containers of powder like it was water.
  7. Same! All the boys in my dorm live off of the stuff. Yuck. :yucky:
    If i want a protein shake i'll buy a Boathouse Farm or Naked protein smoothie from Whole Foods..
  8. ive been a bit curious about them lately like to increase my weight training at the same time. but is it one size fits all, or is there formulas that are better for women?
  9. I swear by muscle milk!

    I drink the lowcal one but since there's 30grams o protein i only drink half of the shake (i buy the premade ones) because after a work out it is recommended for woman to have 15 g of protein.

    tastes great tooo!
  10. I drink the EAS AdvantEDGE chococate fudge. I pour it over ice... it is delicious. I have tried others and have never been able to get them down. 17g protien, 0g sugar, 4g carb & only 110 calories.

  11. Same here with DH, I tried it and it was nasty, yuck!!

    I like only Muscle milk and Advantage, havent tried dessert yet.
  12. I like Spirulelina from whole foods.