Protein first?

  1. I read somewhere that when you eat, you should eat your protein first, for weight loss purposes. Does anyone know if this is true, and if so, could you explain the rationale behind the idea?
  2. I don't know if that is true, but I do know you should have protein with every meal. I'm not sure of how that would change anything if you ate it first or second or third- I mean it all goes to the same place right??
  3. I don't think the order in which you eat your food affects weight loss. Like Megs said, it all goes to the same place.
  4. Hmmm I always thought you are to eat fresh veggies, fruits when you eat meals...but then again they have proteins in them too so I guess it doesn't matter?

    But don't you think eating fiber will actually get your digestive system to start working fast since they are corase and can't be digested?? Then you put in the meat to an already working system??
  5. ^ I just think it doesn't matter really... it is all going to the same place if it is being eaten at one time.
  6. the guy i get my facials from told me that protein is the first thing you should eat. he also said you should eat your meats before your salad because it takes a longer time to get in your system. he was telling me all this because if you keep your diet consistent (i'm always skipping breakfast & missing lunches and stuff) then it improves your skin because your body won't get so confused and go into starvation mode. added perk to all this is you lose weight too :smile:

    he also said to snack on nuts throughout the day as a snack because it has good fats or something

    hope this helps :smile:
  7. It makes NO difference what you eat first. The body will digest different foods the way it always does no matter what you eat first, its a pretty hokey idea that it makes a difference. If you eat a protein with your carbs it does slow down absorption so maybe thats why you heard to eat protein first. It really doesnt matter though, eat them at the same time and the absorption will still be slower, and wont cause a huge insulin spike.

    Like megs said, eat protein in every meal. Just dont combine fatty proteins with high glycemic carbs, this will promote fat storage.
  8. Do you mean first thing in the morning? That supposedly fires up your metabolism for the rest of the day. If I eat a hard boiled egg right when I wake up, my tummy's growling all morning 'til lunch. If I don't, I'm usually not even hungry, and feel sluggish.
  9. ^ Yes you should start off your day with protein. That will give your metabolism a nice boost! But then again, you need protein with every meal!
  10. my prob about the whole protein first is I get a gag reflex if I eat it without much of my carbs.. my stomach just wont take it.. i myself don't understand but maybe that's why i am gaining so much weight.... arrgghhh..
  11. maybe it means that it fills you up faster and longer? it all ends up in the same place, but maybe eating protein will satisfy ur body more quickly and reduce any chances of overeating.
  12. I read somewhere that at a meal you should have a bit of fat first -- that could just be some of the olive oil on the salad -- the fat will make you feel sated so you will eat less. And, some fat is necessary for you to metabolize the nutrients in the greens and vegetables. There is probably enough fat even in a small piece of very lean meat to meet this requirement.
  13. There seem to be so many heresay things about what and when to eat what... but again, to me it all goes to the same place!! Your body is going to digest it all. We are talking about the same meal...