Protein - easy to make/take

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  1. Hi all! I am hoping some of you kind folks can give me suggestions on some protein food/drink items that I can have pre-workout. I usually eat only fruits for lunch and my fitness class is right after work. I need something to tide me over until dinner, something that I can eat/drink around 4pm so I don't faint during my crazy class! I'm lazy so it has to be something easy to prepare and not too expensive either. Any suggestions would be helpful! Thanks! :smile:
  2. how about a protein shake?
    i do one scoop of vanilla whey protein, one scoop of ground flax seed blended with milk (soy, almond, regular, etc)
    I can prepare and drink this in less than 5 mins and it keeps me full for a good 3-4 hours
  3. hard boiled egg
    piece of chicken breast
    thai summer rolls with tofu
    string cheese
    a couple of turkey meatballs with a little dipping sauce
    ground turkey or chicken patty with some kind of sauce you like, or mustard or whatever
    greek yogurt
    flax muffin with light creme cheese
    light swiss cheese half sandwich on whole grain bread
    peanut butter and fruit spread sandwich on whole grain bread
    make your own wraps stuffed with chicken and veggies and eat only half....
  4. ^ That is a very good list!
  5. Kathy thanks for the shake recipe! Thank you Cobalt for all those suggestions! I'll have to try to find ways to make some of those or at least buy them pre-made.
  6. i am glad to help...

    i forgot these:

    tuna salad made with light or fat free mayo, with some cucumber and tomato.
    piece of cold salmon with capers and lemon and dill
    (You can get a big piece of salmon at the supermarket and have lots of servings from it...for dinner, snacks, a great salmon salad, etc.)

    also, the supermarket has those cooked chickens and mine also has turkey meatloaf...those can be cut up and you can use them in wraps or sandwiches....I use whole wheat tortillas.

    also, i sprinkle flax seeds on everything...

    good luck! :welcome:

    ETA: I often buy thai food or indian food and use it as a base, adding grilled chicken and splitting the pre-made dishes up with extra things like cucumber, tomato, extra beans or nuts, etc. I stretch out the take-out that way and each meal has fewer calories...
  7. ^^Awesome! You're my hero(ine?)! I love wraps and now you've given me multiple ideas on what else I can do with them!
  8. Hard boiled as is, or slice and layer with mayo and veg on wheat bread/wrap
    Vegetable soup..can prepare huge batch and keep in fridge..use kidney, cannelloni, etc beans for protein
    Peanut butter on apples/grapes
  9. ^^Ohhh...I love pulses. And I never though of PB!
  10. I meant to respond earlier here...thanks for the ideas ladies! I tried some of them and they work really well for me! :biggrin: