protection products?

  1. Do most of you go without buying protection products for your bags (i.e. leather protector, waterproofer) and they come out okay, or do you not risk it and protect them right out of the box?

    I live in a place where it snows A LOT in the winter and so my bags get a good beating weather wise....

  2. bad timing for you. The search is disable, but there was a lot of discussion thread about the leather protection. Some use apple garde. I went to Michigan last week and it was snowing. I toke the Marilyn with me but I was afraid to use it. My friend said the Apple Garde slows down patina process. I hadn't try it yet. But I use the Kiwi Protect all on my used bag.
  3. you can find them in the reference forum.
    i personally tried AP lotion on the vechette (cowhide) part, and it almost block water from it.
    i did many searches about this too.
    there were some had problem w apple garde spray, but most recommend shiny monkey ( i think that's what it was) and Wilson leather spray.
  4. I have good luck with the spray from Wilson's leather stores. I like it better than Apple Guard.

    Wilson's dries faster for me and doesn't darken the vachetta as much when applying. Apple Garde stayed dark for a while ... when it finally dried, the vachetta lightened up again.
  5. but which make the vachetta lighter? ^ I only used the Kiwi protect all for the patina. I like to keep my new Marilyn stay new for a while.
  6. i dont know if anything can make it lighter, but the spraying can slow down the patina process. i heard somewhere that Kiwi protection might be one that makes it patina faster (but evenly):confused1:
  7. vachetta will never get lighter unless you replace it. Selena put together an awsome FAQ about it :smile: I use SM on all vachetta mainly to ensure they patina evenly :yes:
  8. Is Shining Monkey still operating. I ask for I ordered the spray December 28th and no communicatin regarding shipping info and when I called the numbers at the bottom of their website, both the toll free and long distance # a recording comes on that the number is no longer a working #!!! Today is January 10th and still nothing. Perhaps someone out there knows what may be going on! I do not think it should take so long to get the product. I was so hoping to try it since I had only used Apple conditioner in the past!
  9. I use Wilson's on all my leather (so far non-LV) bags and I like it a lot. It's pretty idiot-proof in terms of application, which is a good thing for me! I have also been using it on the parts of my LVs with vachetta. It doesn't darken the vachetta with application. I'm not sure how effective it is yet, but we'll see. I don't bother with damier, since that is pre-treated.
  10. I swear by Apple Garde! It REALLY works! I have treated 3 bags (MG Trouville, MG Vernis Summit Drive and just recently my Tivoli PM) with it. It took a day for it to dry and for the vachetta to turn back to orignial color. Now I don't freak if it gets a few water spots.......they never show!:smile:
  11. i ordered on 12/25, and same thing happened to me, no communication whatsoever. i then wrote them an email on 1/2 asking about it. didn't get any reply. BUT, when i was checking my order status from their website, i got this note saying that my order was shipped on 1/6 and they apologize for the delay..etc. maybe you should try emailing them.