Protection for int'l purchases?

  1. Hihi,

    I'm seriously considering a gorgeous purse on eBay, but it's located in France. The price tag is around $1k, and I trust that it's real, but in the worst case scenario that the bag arrives fake or never does arrive, am I still protected by eBay/paypal? If I bid, I intend to pay via paypal on my Amex...

  2. You, as the buyer, will have buyer protection up to the amount listed on the auction itself under "paypal buyer protection", which can be as low as $200.
  3. I always thought you were covered by your cc no matter what. You just call the dispute centre and make a claim....right? :smile:
  4. HA... that is after PayPal takes a month or so to decide about your money. I am still waiting on an interntional shipment from a MPRS seller and it has been 6 weeks of waiting. UGH.