Protecting your RM?

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  1. Do any of you ladies condition or protect your RM bags? I was thinking of using some of the luvinmybags products because in the Balenciaga forums I have heard of great results. What products have you used? Any reccomendations?
  2. I asked Jes at RM when I first got my Dark Grey Mini. She told me they are already protected. I have been in a light sprinkle with it and it held up fine. I always keep a towel in the car....And I won't hesitate to ask for an extra plastic bag in the store it is starts pouring while I'm inside. Matter of fact a guy check out person asked me if I wanted a bag to protect my purse before I even though of it. LOL.

    I digress. I don't think the RM needs it, but I don't think it will hurt either.
  3. I would at the very least use some sort of weather protectant spray. My elephant-colored bag got terrible water spots just from very, very light rain. I think it'll blend in over time, but until then, they're really annoying. I use LMB cleaners and conditioners and sprayed the bag with Shining Monkey. All have worked great on my RM bag with no change to the leather's color or texture.
  4. I used LMB on my cream Morning After Mini, the regular pre-treatment and the For Handles Only cream on the handles. So far it's stayed clean.
  5. how about appleguard? that works on all my other bags.
  6. I agree with Ally24K. I asked this question to the Nordstrom SA when I bought my first RM bag, and again at the sample sale when I purchased two more. Both people told me that "Apple Guard" is a great poduct for RM bags.

    Here's a link to the Apple products:

    Apparently, this is also available at Burlington Coat Factory.

    I've also read that Shining Monkey is good for protecting bags.

    I need to purchase something for my bags as well.
  7. I want to protect the new RM bags I just purchased. Does the leather conditioner from Apple Guard protect and waterproof or does it only condition, in which case I should use only the water repellant spray from Apple to protect against water stains? Do you need to do both? Thank you for clearing up my confusion!
  8. The conditioner does not waterproof your bag. You'll need to do both. I do both.
  9. Thank you so much. This is what I thought, although all these online blogs on bags and care of bags only mention the Apple Lotion to protect bags, not the water repellent so I was confused.
  10. I've used LMB on all of my RM bags. My berry MA got rained on last night and it's totally fine. The leather doesn't feel that fragile so I don't worry that much about reapplying it often.
  11. Apple Guard rain & stain repellant spray, used it on my RM mini in charcoal- fine.
  12. I'm glad you asked! I just ordered one of each of the Apple products, and was wondering the same thing! Thank you!
  13. i sprayed my MA when i got it 2 years ago.. the leather's never gotten stained
  14. Has anyone used Wilson's on a RM bag (the leather and suede protector)? I already have some of that that I have used on my Koobas and Botkiers, and it has worked well for those.
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