Protecting your Mulberries

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  1. Hi girls

    Maybe it is a silly question but I am wondering whether you protect your Mulberries in a bag or do you just leave it out?

    Some i leave in my purple bag protector but others i leave it out?

    What about you?

  2. i only leave out the bag im using at the time, all the other bags go back in their dustbag in wardrobe!
  3. and me too..
  4. Im really bad about this. None of my bags (all 3!) stay in dustbags. I use bays every day and my other 2, both clutches, stay in wardrobe for nights out.
    I did have a collinol day today though. day off work and instead of doing the million important things I should have I gave them a spray and rub. Hadn't sprayed bays in 3 months, considering it has literally been out every day I thought that was quite bad.
  5. I keep all of them in their dustbags, exept for the one I'm using for the moment. When I change I put the other one straight back. Most of them I also keep stuffed with paper inside to keep the shape of the bag. They are all kept in their dustbags in a cupboard or on the shelf of my walk in closet.

    Yes, I know I'm a nerd with my Mulberries :nuts:
  6. Ditto