Protecting White Lady Dior Cannage leather?

  1. Hello everybody! :smile: I haven't posted before on the Dior forum (although I am a Dior admirer). I was wondering if anyone treats their white lambskin leather bags (specifically the Lady Dior Cannage) with water repellants such as Wilson's or Apple Garde spray? I wanted to ask your expertise before I attempted this as I don't want to ruin my bag. I actually purchased it about 2 years ago and LOVE it but have yet to carry it because I'm afraid of soiling the white. If I can safely spray it w/ protectant then I'll feel safe using it! Please let me know your opinions and/or experiences w/ Dior white leather bags! Thanks in advance..I greatly appreciate your help & advice!:flowers:
  2. Anybody? :crybaby:
  3. Hi Cginny!

    I know that white bags eventually darken with use (from oxidation, dirt, etc.), and you can slow that down a bit by applying a leather protectant but you may want to ask Dior to recommend one for you. Make sure you do a spot-test first on an area of the bag that isn't exposed to see if it will ruin your bag (most leather protectors won't do that but you should make sure).

    Otherwise, you can re-dye your bag at a leather cleaning specialist and they will match the original color of your bag (white is very easy to match). After your bag is re-dyed, it will look as new as when it came out of the boutique (unless the leather is significantly creased).

    I hope this helps.
  4. ^^ Thanks so much averagejoe! :smile: I really appreciate your help & advise! :flowers:
  5. You're very welcome! I know that Holt Renfrew recommends Danier Leather Protectant Spray and Danier All-Purpose Cleaner to protect and clean your bag. Actually, the Tana brand neutral cleaning cream works wonders on most leathers (don't try it on leathers that have been waxed like metallic leathers or the Gaucho leather); if your bag appears darker, just use the cream all over it and use a paper towel or soft cloth to wipe it all off. It should take any dirt with it. Be sure to do a spot test with that first, once again.