Protecting Tory Burch Medallion

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  1. Hey everyone!

    I was wondering if anyone has done anything to keep the medallion on Tory Burch's (i.e. the gold/silver one on Revas) from getting all scratched up (like some kind of spray, polish, etc)? Also, did you spray any kind of leather protectors on your flats? I always seem to mess up my shoes and would like any helpful advice!

  2. Good question ktng!! i was wondering the same thing... just got my revas for christmas :love: but totally babying them b/c i'm scared of scratches...
  3. I've had mine for a year and wear them regularly. . . not a scratch on mine still and that even w/ 2-3 different little kids fondling them! LOL!
    I didn't treat mine.
  4. You're lucky, Swanky! I bought mine not too long ago & now the medallions are like the surface of maps! I've also got some very expensive(to me) Roger Vivier flats & their signature buckles are also very scratched, though I babied them. I am thinking of covering these shoe embellishments with plastic(the kind covering new watches) but just don't know how it would look on my shoes!
  5. HI ladies,
    I've just had my first pair of Reva a few days ago. I started walking in them today. I think I'll just put them back in the shoe box with the cloth covering the medallions.

    BTW, I love those RV flats of D Lee's shown on the other post! :tup:
  6. I had the same experience as Swanky....I'm reasonably rough on my shoes but they were fine. I think it's because the medallions are on top of the shoe, so they don't get too much wear unless you are constantly dragging cement blocks on top of your feed or something like that =) Revas are actually pretty tough!
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    I wish there was some sort of coating for these. I have a few pairs or Revas and my first pair was the black leather with silver medallion. I had these while I was still in college and wore the heck out of them. Definitely not shoes to go to parties or come home from a party in :tispy: I scraped these up a decent amount going up stairs -- party or no party! :rolleyes: I've been more careful since.
  8. mine are fine as well however I don't wear them everyday. I don't think its possible to keep anything from getting worn though. Its just the nature of things. Eventually, it will get scratched. Such is life!
  9. I haven't done anything to protect any of mine. I don't wear them a lot, but I do wear them. Probably once a week or so. But no scratches that are noticeable. The only complaint I have is that two of my pairs have stretched out in the back and they now slide off on the heel when I walk...I hate it!!
  10. I've never had a problem with scratching. I don't really think that there is anything that you can do that won't look obvious.
  11. I hope this helps ladies. Try using clear nail polish in a small area I have done it to my Robinson wallet and looks good didn't ruin any thing.
  12. I never put anything on mine, some are fine some are scratched up. The sign of wear is a statement of love for the shoes, well worn and loved