Protecting the Leather

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  1. So i have some old LVS (about 2 years) that need some caring for.The leather getting a nice color however i can tell that it is time to protect and clean it. I have heard Apple Polishes are the best. However, I dont want to put them on my new ones beucase i heard it Darkens them :wtf::wtf:. Can anyone help?
  2. ? I send them back annually to get free cleaning service :roflmfao:
  3. I don't do anything to clean/protect the vachetta on my mono speedy.
  4. Do they clean the canvas and the leather? The whole bag? I have never heard that they offer this!
  5. they have a special cream to clean it gently, but if the bag has been too old or the patina leather is blackish, it cant be clean ... its a free service provided world wide, but these days some lv boutiques stop having them as some customers just abuse the services itself

    one tip from my dear friend who also an SA, get a new eraser to rub the leather gently for soft marking or use the wet tissues