Protecting the Leather

  1. For the liter colored spys's would you recommend a lleather proctector?
  2. No. But there are a lot of posts on the same topic on protecting your spies. You can do a search on the forum and can find everyone else's response there.
  3. i had a brand new wisteria spy in the honey color. i posted a couple weeks ago regarding an oil stain on it. i was lucky Saks allowed me to exchange it for a new one. the stain had caused many sleepless nights!! i read that some recommended using Apple Garde leather protector (stain and water repellent spray). i recently purchased a bottle from burlington coat factory (located in the leather coat section) for about $5, but have yet to try it.
  4. I'm getting a spy very soon and will probably use apple garde conditioner and spray on it. Amazing stuff and has worked on all my bags with no damage.

  5. I'm so happy you were able to exchange it...I feel you girl, I have the same spy and i would've been flippin out :crybaby:

    Rain has downpoured on my spy and no damage. I haven't treated w/ anything, but I do moisturize it from time to time. I should start looking into that too.