Protecting the fabric

  1. I just got my first gucci today and i want the purse to last! so i was wondering, how can i keep the fabric and leather in the best condition as possible? TIA =]
  2. Congrats on your new purchase
  3. There are leather cleaners/ conditioners available. One brand that I hear others use is apple-something, I'm going to ask my friend. But she uses that on LV bags, but hey they're both leather right?

    For the fabric, I just use baby wipes incase they get dirty. After each use, wipe them clean then airdry before storing in the dustbag. Don't forget to use acid free paper to stuff it so it won't get deformed (ask from the boutique, they have lots of that). ALways keep in the box if not in use, and store in a place where there's not much heat or humidity. Did I forget anything? hmmm... Congrats on your bag! =)