Protecting the denim with Appleguard Spray?

  1. Hi ladies ... I just got a fuschia denim baggy, was wondering if anybody knows how I can protect the denim from stains? The Appleguard Spray says it protects fabrics as well. Has anybody sprayed their denim pieces and does it work? Thanks!
  2. The denim is pretreated but I spray it myself with Wilson's protector. Not sure if it works since I have not gotten any stains on them. I have two baggy pm's but I do not carry them that often.
  3. It's pretreated and I'm not sure of the frequency of reapplying it with a stain repellent. If it did get stained I would use a cotton swab dab of Forever New to clean the area. It'll remove the stain and it's gentle to the fabric. Does not stain. I tried it on a wheel grease mark on my Mono Lin it came out beautifully with no water mark stains either.
  4. Sorry but what's Forever New and where can I purchase it?
  5. I used kiwi on my denim sac a dos, worked great!
  6. I used Shining monkey on mine. It spilled some coffee on my noe speedy and didnt notice it for a few days, when i did i freaked out. But i grabbed a damp cloth and it came off, i cant tell where it was :smile: very please with it. I also used it on my baggy pm :smile:
  7. thanks for the info on this!
    i think i should gaurd my denim mini pleaty...
  8. Yeah thank you girls for the information. I just gave my baggy pm 2 coats of Appleguard, now I can use it!
  9. Do you think the "Tide to go" (I have one, I think it is Tide) stick Kelly Ripa advertises on TV would work on fabric handbags? It is supposed to be for all food and drink stains on clothing, so I assume it would. Luckily, I have not had a stain to test it on so far.
  10. No it has bleach in it and will discolor.

    if you would like to take a chance(be the first to give it a go and test it) on using it on your lv's GO FOR IT! please let us know how it turns out.
  11. On certain light coloured bags I think it may work, I've had wonderful experiences with using it on did make a light pink mark on my fuschia t-shirt that I was scrubbing (I practically used 1/4 of the pen trying to remove a pen mark...stupid me)

    I don't recommend using it on bright/dark coloured fabric though...I mean, I've used it on my dark green, black, and brown shirts...but they're shirts. They're treated for colourfastness. Expensive hand bags? I wouldn't do it, especially LV denim.

  12. I was not endorsing its use, simply asking a question. The Tide website says that Tide To Go does NOT contain bleach, and is safe for most fabrics ( if they are color fast, washable, or dry cleanable), but I would certainly be hesitant to try it, and am NOT RECOMMENDING IT.