Protecting Suede Louboutin???


Jan 16, 2008
So I just received my EB Suede Rolandos! Thx to everyone who pointed me in the direction of BG! The SAs were fabulous and I got them in less than a week! (watch out for pics soon)

So, I thought, well they're suede and should probably be protected...and used a Tana product on them (this product worked great with some suede boots I had and also on a big purple suede bag). HOWEVER, the Louboutin suede isn't taking too well to this...the suede is much softer and it appears the protector is matting it...eek! I'm now getting nervous...but will wait til morning to see the test results (on the heel and side of one shoe)

BUT I don't want to wear them out without protection, it's a tough road out has anyone sprayed anything on their suede shoes? and if so, what product...

Sorry if there is a thread about this...I looked through 10 pages and didn't find anything, so gave up and posted...


Oct 26, 2006
Try Apple Gard ... I sprayed my Bruges suede boots with them, as well as my black suede VPs. Miracle product.

Also, I noticed thanks to BF, that if the suede gets scuffed or matted, you can "repair" it back to normal with a gentle scratch using your fingernail.


No more shopping!!!!
Jul 8, 2008
I guess I should've waited and gotten Applegard...I didn't want to wait to wear my new suede Rolandos. :crybaby:The suede seems reaaaaally soft and delicate. I might test it on something else before I try the CLs.


Dec 26, 2007
applegard stain & water repellent works wonders for regular leather, suede, and exotic skins (i've even used it on my roccia pythons!)

I totally agree. I used Apple Garde with kid, patent, suede, nappa, and even exotics with great results.

The only material I'm somewhat cautious about is satin/silk. I've used it on a pair of cheaper ($200) satin sandals and there was some visible 'bubbling' of the material.

But the repellent works fine on my Prada satin slides. Go figure. Maybe the cheaper sandals were not as well made to begin with?