Protecting pony hair--Applegard?

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  1. I have the large Saba and am thinking about actually using it--lol! By taking it on a trip. Airport and everything. I figure--why have such a bag if I'm never going to use it...but after reading Tigger's thread, now I'm not so sure. Anyway.....can I spray it with Applegard as a protectant, or is that not recommended for it.

    Come to think of it, though, I just thought of this....I *think* this particular bag (the JChoo Saba) may be calf hair, not pony hair. Will it hold up better than pony hair? I"m totally obsessing now.:sweatdrop:
  2. dachsiemama I am not sure what to recommend as far as treating the bag, but it is calf hair and I would say give Casey a call and she can find out what would be the best thing to "pre-treat" your bag with :tup:

    I agree with you 100%, take that bag out and use her. I felt the same way with my exotics:wacko:

    Each one is so beautiful and I hate idea of the scales "curling" or flipping up, but when I would voice my concern, DH would set me straight :noggin:
    "It's a Snake... Snakes slither on the ground in the dirt, mud, grass and through water & muck"

    You aren't going to hurt it and it isn't doing any good sitting in it's dustbag! (His words, not mine) So I do take mine out, but the worst part of the Snake bags is when you are wearing sweaters, the scales "eat" the side of your sweater you carry it on:sneaky:
  3. dachsiemama - pony hair is always calf or cow never comes from a pony. It is just one of those weird and wonderful things in the leather industry.
  4. Interesting--pony's really a calf--now it all makes more sense! Thank you both for the advice--calling Casey is a great idea; hadn't thought of that.

    "It's a snake!" Men can be so funny...that's something my husband would say. :smile: I was about coming to that conclusion when I had a couple of snakeskin bags--one already had the scales curling up, and the other sort of did, but it looked OK--that's "the one that got away", my Fendi snakeskin spy with the pinkish/white scales. Pictures just don't do justice to it, it's so pretty. If I'd kept it I would definitely just *use* it. With these bags, there's not much use holding them at arm's length by one finger and not enjoying them!

    Maybe I will actually take the pony/calf on the trip...:tup::heart::yes:
  5. dachsiemama!!!
    let me know how ur pony bag is holding!! how long have u had her???
    i'm so freaking out...
    does yours falls off??
    thanks in advance
  6. Every time I scroll past this thread, I make a comment in my head. Guess it is time to post...

    I would not spray anything whatsoever on this bag. I'm sure Casey at Choo will say the same thing. By nature, pony is more delicate. You don't need to freak out, just be careful with it. Hair will fall off, it is just the nature of the material. If this is too much of a negative, I would not get the bag.
  7. ITA. Besides the hair factor, I wouldn't buy a pony bag that costs a lot because it is not going to hold up. Just my opinion, but if I drop over $2K for a bag, I don't want it going bald on me. You can say the same about scales how they peel, etc., but you can glue them back down. Wldn't want to try glueing hair back on.
  8. Thank you for the advice and comments--they really do help. The pony hair is just so gorgeous, but kind of like the white, I don't want to be worrying about it all the time! I think black leather and the brown suede will be much more practical. (I've had a dark brown suede bag before, back in the day when I really abused bags...something I cringe about now...but even so, I always loved that bag, even when it had, well, shall we say *patina*!)

    Decision made!

    It's so hard.....I want them ALL--lol!:hysteric::P:girlsigh: