Protecting Pebbled Leather

  1. I recently purchased a pebbled sienna in bourbon. I absolutely loved the distressed heavy look of this bag.

    I am just wondering how I need to treat it? Should I condition it and waterproof it?

  2. Everyone seems to recommend Wilsons Suede & Leather Protector. Works like a charm! :tup:
  3. I sprayed mine once but this type leather is very very durable. It doesn't mark or scuff easily and does great in rain. It has more of a finish on it that seems to repel. I used mine a long time before I started useing Wilson's and it still looke great.
  4. I simply love that pebbled leather and have 5 Koobas that have it.

    As Lexie said, it wears like iron, but I did coat mine with Appleguard/Wilson's.