Protecting new vachetta - yes, I've read the FAQs, but

  1. it seems like people either swear by Apple Guard or despise it. Same with Shining Monkey. Is there any consensus?

    I'd like to be able to be more comfortable with my bags in the rainy fall weather, but am not sure what to buy...
  2. Hmm I don't know if this helps though... but I bought a Kiwi transparent shoe polish and used that... it made the vachetta a shade darker but after regular applications its basically given the vachetta a new layer... if I dab water on it never soaks in now.
  3. OK I got a can of shining monkey from . I was terrified of spraying my mono 30 soooo I srayed my older viva cite bag's strap.. HOLY smokes this stuff is absolutely amazing.. So I sprayed my mono wow... Lets start with how it goes on
    Its a strong smell do it outside, especially if you have birds
    the smell will go away
    cover the rest of the bag..(well I did)
    shake can then about 15 inches from the strap or handles spray evenly
    don't panic it turns dark even alittle spottie
    then wait in about 40 seconds it starts to dry and completely turns light again its freakin amazing
    I also sprayed the pull part of the speedy thats the leather leaf you pull to close the bag its awesome!!!!!!!
    leaves no trace. I thnk I will do a second coat :O)

    shining monkey dries soooo dang fast and the leather returns back to light wow go for it
  4. I just spray the spray on a rag and then rub on. It makes more sense than trying to cover the rest of your bag. It gives you more control. I use appleguard and have always been happy.
  5. I dont spray my bags.
  6. I don't use anything on mine either....
  7. I don't, never have, never will. My SA always told me that if you do so, the piece is no longer under their warranty and will not be fixed, should it ever need it.
  8. I read the threads too & didn't have the patience to order Shining Monkey or Appleguarde. I picked up Kiwi neutral colored shoe polish @ Target & that worked for me. I apply it & do a "double buff" (first with a buffing brush, then a leather polishing cloth). So far so good.

    Just a note - I do live in a mild climate. No extreme weather of any sort so I don't know if the Kiwi will react differently in say, humid or very cold weather. As with anything not officially LV, be cautious & don't try anything you're not comfortable with.

    Pic 2 - key clochette on the left is before Kiwi. Vachetta on on the right is after.
    Pic 3 - applying Kiwi (a very light coat)
    Pic 4 - buff first with buffing brush
    Pic 5 - buff last with leather polishing cloth

    Hope that helps!
    KIWI 2.jpg KIWI 4.jpg KIWI 5.jpg KIWI 6.jpg KIWI 7.jpg
  9. i tried on the scothgard leather protector since there's no Apple Guard nor Shining Monkey up here. i tried it on the handle of my pochette first and did so too on my BH. it did darkened the leather a bit but it made the leather water repellant. i actually used my BH when it was drizzling and no water marks so far...of course i did not soak it under the rain or something...


  10. ^^^^^^^

    That's funny, I feel the SAME way. I thought I was in the minority !!

    I find that doing ANYTHING to virgin vachetta makes it difficult to get the natural shine of a patina....I like the way it slowly develops over time......

    but that's just me !!!!!!!!!!
  11. I used shinning monkey and was VERY VERY pleased with it. No extra darkening. It protected my bag from water spots to my satisfaction! However, if the bag is very new.... make sure everything is completely clean before spraying.
  12. Ive owned LVs with vachetta for 15 years and never sprayed anything on them.
  13. Thanks everyone! For those of you that never spray, have you gotten the vachetta wet by accident (rain or whatever)? And what has happened?

  14. ^ Before I ever thought of spraying it.... I got the vachetta wet twice within the first week. I found this interesting...

    TAP WATER - The first time was the first night I had my bag. I had purchased it earlier in the day and taken it out in all its glory to place in the middle of my room. I had just finished getting ready for bed (brushing teeth, washing face and hands) and right when I got to my bedroom, I just HAD to touch my speedy one last time before calling it a night. Little did I know my "dry" hands weren't very dry (funny how I never paid attention to that before). They were dry for the most part but still a little damp in some areas and a tiny TINY bit of water from my hands got on the vachetta. The next morning there was a water mark.

    BOTTLED WATER - The next day I took my bottle of fiji water out for a sip and since I wasn't used to juggling the speedy as I was opening the water I wasnt careful and a good couple of drops landed on the vachetta. In just dried right up no water marks whatsoever.

    Those are the only 2 times its happened to me. I don't know if it had to do with tap or bottle water but that is my guess. I dont plan on letting water get to the vachetta anymore. I use SM!! =P
  15. there were 2 tiny water marks from the rain on my speedy.....they disappeared when i used baby wipes! :tup: