Protecting my MJ from the weather

  1. I live in Seattle and of course the first week that I have my bordeaux Blake, it starts dumping rain. Is there anything I need to do to protect the leather? Like a special cream or leather spray?

    I just get worried about things getting ruined although I've never done anything to my other leather bags and they've been fine but this is also my first HE bag outside of Coach.
  2. i always leave mj bags at home if it rains. since i've moved we've only had a few days of rain anyway, but in nyc it meant leaving my bags home much more often.

    i've never tried apple guard though!
  3. if it rains i use something pvc or nylon that i don't care much about. i got caught in the rain once with my MP and almost had a heart attack.
  4. I've been trying to leave mine home in the rain since I haven't yet treated them. I did get caught in 'drizzle' with my maroon MP and it was completely fine - I checked & rechecked, but I don't want to chance real rain. I've been more careful lately - any sort of wet weather forcast & I take my Be & D mena. That thing has gone through a downpour and you'd never know it!
  5. Even though I've sprayed my bags with apple guard, I am still so scared to take them out in the rain!
  6. yes, i use my lesportsacs for rainy weather :smile: i also freaked out once when there was a really heavy downpour and i had one of my mj bags with me. i ran into a chinese restaurant and got a plastic bag to cover it!
  7. I'd also recommend apple products, but I'd also recommend keeping a plastic bag in your Blake, and not carrying it when it rains (I know, this sucks :sad:). I brought a turquoise soft calf bag (treated with Appleguard about 6 mos ago, so maybe I needed to retreat it) in the rain accidentally, and a raindrop made the tiniest watermark on it. My BF swore he couldn't see it, but of course it bothers the heck out of me! (It's actually so light you can't see it that well.. and I think it's fading.)