Protecting my bag

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  1. I know I have seen several recommendations for protecting my new bag but can not find any of them today.
    Ladies please help!
    I have bought two Tano's. One is RS in rasberry and I have carried it two weeks and it is getting weathered and washed out looking and I like it that way but am thinking I do not want it to go much farther. Any thing I can do to stop the process BUT not get it back to new and glazed and bright colored? (it was a tad TOO bright pink originally)
    The second is BB in black and it has not been used yet. I love love love it the way it is and do not want it to get weathered looking at all. What do I used to keep it in this same condition.
    Thanks for all your help and sorry if this is a much repeated question.:smile:
  2. Recommendations include:

    apple conditioner + apple garde spray
    lubriderm unscented lotion
    mink oil
    and there was a clear coat of something mentioned once but I don't remember what it was...

    mink oil is the most recommended for keeping the shine/color and would probably work best for your black bag... any of the others should be fine on raspberry
  3. Definitely spray protectant. I was using Kiwi Protect-all for a while because it was easily bought at Target or Walmart. I noticed just recently that a white film was forming on the brown trim areas (it wiped off) so I tracked down Apple Garde. I would definitely recommend Apple Garde and yes, mink oil does help (Thanks Kings). I used mink oil on my Cooped up which I unfortunately used saddle soap on. Wipe the mink oil on, gently buff. I was scared at first because I thought it made my bag feel "waxy" but after it dried it was ok. Then follow up with spray. HTH!
  4. Any kind of mink oil? Any brand specifically and where do you girls buy it?
    I have the Apple Garde conditioner LOTION from LV bags and love that stuff. But I have not seen a spray. So the spray is that Apple Garde also?
  5. It's the waxy/oily stuff in the little tin (mine if Kiwi bought in the shoe care section at Target, Walmart) not the lotion mink oil in a bottle(which is sticky). The spray is called "Garde Rain&Stain Repellent" by Apple. It comes in a purple spray can with little water droplets on it. I've also heard people say that Wilson's works just as well. I found mine at a Burlington Coat Factory but can be ordered online at places like
    280-2T.jpg gardebuyshot.jpg
  6. you think i could just spray my new bag (barely used it yet! still waiting for my apple garde to come in the mail) and go without conditioning it first? if anyone uses this spray, how often should one spray it if it's a bag used daily ? :P and would one recommend doing the cleaner, then conditioner, and spray next, afte r the first spray on a new tano?
  7. I rotate pretty frequently so I just spray every few months or so, depending on how much action the bag sees.
  8. You shouldn't need to clean a brand new bag unless it's dirty when it arrives (ick lol) and really there should be no need to condition a brand new bag either. I just spray mine (if I remember/am not tooooooooo anxious to use it) and I do two thin coats letting it dry completely in between.

    Other than that, I don't really re-spray my bags unless they are out for some reason and I think it's been a while or what not. I only condition if it looks like they need conditioning and I never use cleaner unless the stain doesn't come out with conditioner (which has somewhat of a cleaning ability too). I'm a minimalist I guess you could say (aka lazy) lol!
  9. :Push:I feel like a total loser. I don't do a darn thing to my bags. I feel .... inadequate. I just haven't ever done anything to my bags. And I'm a-skared to try.
  10. I had never done anything to treat my Tanos until I noticed that my grape French Nanny was looking a little too vintage for my taste and felt oddly dry. So I busted out the unscented Eucerin (extra dry skin formula!) and lubed up that bad boy. What do ya know, she looks as good as new! I am beyond stoked! I don't know if I would risk it on a lighter leather, but with the grape it worked freaking awesome.
  11. Does anyone else think that the grape seems to look "more vintage" sooner than some of the other colors? My grape boogie looks much more worn in that my other Tanos, but that could be because I use it the most. My blueprint blue shows absolutely no breaking in.
  12. Julie, what exactly does your Eucerin say on the label? I have some, but before I try it on my grape boogie, I want to make sure I am using the same thing. I don't have any Lubriderm hanging around.
  13. Absolutely, Jane. I have had quite a few Tano bags and small leather goods and the grape looked "distressed" far earlier than my other colors! The lotion was my grape lifesaver!
  14. Oh, let me go check!
  15. Ok, it says "Eucerin dry skin therapy Original moisturizing lotion non-irritating fragrance-free". Hope that helps!