protecting mulberry leather?

  1. Hello!
    Just got my first mulberry ( tassel selma satchel in nude- anyone every heard of this bag?) in glove leather. It came with a small jar of leather cleaner, cream thing. I guess I should use what is provided, but I was wondering if it's a good idea to spray the glove leather with apple guarde protection to protect it from dirt, etc. Does anyone know if the cream they provide protects the leather from dirt? I am very unfamiliar with glove leather. Thanks in advance!
  2. somebody from this forum suggested sollonil spray. i actually posted a question about how exactly to use it, but no one has answered.
    anyone... can you help us?
  3. i also want to know .... anyone can help???
  4. My mulberry tooled bayswater in 'coconut' coloured glove leather (it's an off white colour) came with the jar of leather cream too. I think it is mainly to 'nourish' the leather and maintain it's softness/suppleness, but can be used as a cleaner as well. You just massage it into the leather, and use a cloth to rub it in. I haven't used it yet, but I used a neutral coloured waterproofing spray all over the bag. HTH!
  5. Vectra 16 spray or Apple Garde spray. HTH