Protecting Leather?

  1. I just got my very first Tokidoki bag just in time for the rainy Seattle fall. I'm paranoid that the leather trim will get stained from the drizzle- in your experience, is the leather affected by water? If so, does anyone have any recommendations for what I can use to treat the leather to make it water-repellant?

    Thanks in advance for your advice. :smile:
  2. I use one of my Toki's daily, and sometimes in the rain, and I've never seen any staining as a result. I think the trim is coated vachetta, as opposed to LV's vachetta.
    Speaking of which, why is that? I think it's odd that Lesportsac seems to have a protection on the vachetta, but LV doesn't? I do have some problems with the trim cracking a bit on my Toki bags, but it still looks good.
  3. It may be because LV's leather is supposed to patina. Untreated, leather develops a patina at a faster rate. When I got a speedy as a gift, I was also given instructions on how to perfectly 'weather' my bag so that the patina develops evenly and has a nice, rich color. Unfortunately, I've also left the speedy at the bottom of my closet for a while :/ poor bag.