Protecting Kelly

  1. I have had a few PMs asking me to post a pic of my 32 cm Kelly housed in my Longchamp le Pliage, so here they are:




    The last two are pics with the Longchamp closed with Kelly inside.
    lc1.jpg lc2.jpg lc3.jpg
  2. My Longchamp was custom made (custom, as in color only):

    Bienvenue sur la boutique LONGCHAMP

    dimensions: 32 x 33 x 19 cm (medium)
    long handles (25 cm)

    cost: $130 plus $35 delivery
  3. and of course, it has to be black for rose..........;) he he

    can this fit a 35 birkin?
  4. Rose, would you take this on an airline.....packed inside your check in bag?

    I ask this, because a friend also ordered a Longchamp for her Birkin. Later, I reallized I forgot to ask her if she was going to use it as her carry on ( with Birkin inside ) I think she was, tho....and I wondered.....wouldn't the airlines people zip open the Longchamp and check the contents of the handbag inside?

    Or do you just set it in the plastic container, and it rides thru the scan and then you take it back? It's been awhile since I you can tell:shame:
  5. ^^ I added a bit of chocolate, yay for me!!!!
  6. what a clever way!
    i'm going to try now see if my kelly could fit in!!
  7. Yes, I just put it in as it rides through the scan. I also put the Kelly back in it when I get on board so it can sit on the floor :s . I have my Kelly and a carry on with me as I board the flight.
  8. If it's a 32cm or less it will definitely fit in the medium longchamp (from the site, the ones from the stores have different dimensions). if it's larger than a 32 cm , I would suggest trying the large Longchamp.
  9. I think the large Longchamp will. Some of the ladies here do have Longchamps for their 35 cm Birkins, perhaps they could help here.....
  10. The Kelly handle remains fully upright in the Longchamp, no bending at all.
  11. P, you have to get the Large size and it will house the 35 nicely. I don't zip it all the way though as the Birkin handles have to be squished just a teeny bit for it to zip all the way around. It's instant shoulder straps (if you get the long handles on the Pliages) for your Birkin...great when walking around the airport.
  12. i've tried my kelly 28~plenty of space~~~but when i tried to fold Longchamp and put it back into kelly....the handle is too long...
    then i realised i've got a tote with long handles (33*33*19)...not the short handle handbag(30*28*20)...
    i think i need to get a short handle Lonchamp to see if it could fit into kelly.....
  13. I just squish the long handles into the Longchamp and then fold then fits into the 32 cm Kelly.
  14. oh wow you are the best Rose! thanks.

    I am going to order a large. I think it will be great for non birkin use...for business trips on the road.

    Maybe the large can hold my dang laptop too!

    How great...put my 35cm birkin into the dustbag and then into this!
  15. T, thanks - not that i'm travelling anytime soon.........:rolleyes: