Protecting Hair Colour from the Sun

  1. Anyone? What do you use - I'm a natural brunette with really nice blonde highlights as of today - any advice as to how to protect them?

    Is regular sunscreen just as effective as hair sunscreen?

  2. I wouldn't use regular sunscreen on my hair as most are very greasy and heavy. Neutrogena Triple Moisture hair products are available in most pharmacies and discount stores. Make sure to by the products label "with UV protection". It is inexpensive and easily accessible. It's what I use in my hair.
  3. I have hot pink and red hair, so I have tried quite a few things! The best I have found is a spray in, KMS sunscreen and detangler. It isn't heavy or greasy and keeps my color around longer.
  4. When I go to the beach or lay out..I always wear a hat..its the only thing that protects my highlights.
  5. Hey! I use this spray from aveda - I think its called like "brilliant." or something like that. It protects your hair from heat and sun (so not only does it help keep the color from fading but it also helps to keep your hair from getting fried when you blow dry it.) It also works as a detangler.

    I would defintly sugest you get it! Hope I helped.
  6. i'm a brunette with all over colour and i try to wear a hat whenever possible to protect the colour. colour conserve shampoos and conditioners also help (i like aveda). my hair dresser also recommended redken colour extend total recharge spray for additional protection
  7. A hat or scarf is the only true way to protect highlights...other than that a great moisturizing shampoo and deep conditioner for highlighted hair plus a hair masque will do wonders!
  8. I use the beach sun spray from Phyto. Keeps my hair from drying out too much.
  9. This is what I use and it's the best product ever. Buy it! You will not be disappointed.

    This is how I use it: Once out of the shower I blow dry my hair. Then I section it off for my flat iron and I spray each piece before I run the flat iron through it.
    kerastase.JPG Hair.jpg
  10. Redken makes a good color care line. They also have a spray that protects your hair and makes it shiny too!
  11. phytoplage , it's from the brand phyto
  12. I use Paul Mitchell Color Protect Daily Shampoo and Conditioner. It has sunflower extract to extend the life of your color. There is also a Color Protect Locking Spray that also extends the life of your color and protects against UV rays. Plus, it smells great!
  13. I have to bump this really old thread from 2006... I searched and this is exactly what I'm trying to get some more info about is protecting hair color from the sun..

    I have dark brown hair and always get highlights, but during the summer months, my hair gets really light fast... any other recommendations as to any protectant leave-ins for hair from the sun? TIA!
  14. I think phyto has a line for sun care for hair. I used a few things last year. When I find what I used in my cabinet I will post. There are other brands out there. I think you can do a web search on sun protection products for hair or something like that and see if you find anything that intrests you. I used a oil spray (for sun/pool) that was supposed to protect your hair from damage for my daughters almost waist length blond hair. It worked great. With highlights you need to protect them and not have them get fried and white blond to the point you hair looks damaged. A hat is really the best protection.
  15. wear a hat.