Protecting Gucci Canvas

  1. I just saw in another thread about spraying protective spray on Gucci Canvas. I've always thought about this but didnt know what to use and was scared to try just anything in case of spotting. Do most of you ladies do this? If so what do you use? Thanks!!
  2. I have never sprayed any of my Gucci's. I have sprayed the Vachetta on my LV's with Apple Guard.
  3. Was it me? I used the AppleGarde Rain and Stain repellant. I got mine at Burlington Coat Factory in the leather coat section.
  4. I dont spray my Guccis.
  5. Yes, I believe it was you. Thanks I think I might try this.
  6. hi!!! Ive read ur post regarding apple guard? its the same w. the ones that they are selling at I'm not really familiar w. the product but my sisters friend told us about it and i really wanted to buy 1. which product from the would u suggest? the rain and stain repellent or the leather protector? hope to hear from you. thanks so much
  7. mmm...i THINK i've heard of people spraying scotch guard but personally i haven't sprayed my gucci bag.
  8. Yes
  9. you use it on guccisima or on gg fabric? sorry i got mixed up.
  10. I use it on the gg fabric.. I've also used it on my LV Canvas bags.