Protecting Glazed Leather

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  1. Hi, I posted this in the main forum but didn't get many responses so I thought I'd try here since RM ladies have been so helpful in the past!

    I know leather protection is something that has been widely discussed on TPF. But - and maybe this is just me - it's really confusing! So I wanted to get all your opinions/advice on protecting glazed leather.

    Namely, should it be done, has anyone had experiences with this, and what works the best? I love the shiny-ness of the glazed leather and don't want to ruin that by using unecessary products on it - but I'm also a klutz and my bag will probably get dirty in no time.

    Also, I'm leaning towards Apple Garde Repellant, and have heard that it has some conditioning in it. Is this true, and if yes will it add to the shine? Should I even bother with the Apple Conditioner too, to make it more shiny?

    I posted on the RM Maven thread, but haven't heard anything back yet and am DYING to start using my new glazed espresso bag ASAP, so any feedback would be wonderful.

    Please help! TIA!!!
  2. TBH i haven't protected any of my glazed bags yet. They hold up really well! I got rain twice on my tangerine which is not nearly as "glazed" as the glazed expresso, and both times it dried up without a single stain/mark...

    I think you should just get the apple guard repellent, and you will be fine with that. Or as Gung has mentioned, just use an antibacterial wipe on it from time to time. I don't think it really needs protecting. HTH
  3. I used apple guard on my Tangerine MAM and my Midnight/Pewter Matinee. Both are holding up quite well (and I was caught in the rain last week w/ Tangerita and we both survived the ordeal -- her better than me I'd say).
  4. Thanks for the tips ladies! RM ladies are the best, and I feel the most comfortable following their advice. =)

    Wow, we can use antibacterial wipes on these??! Wouldn't the alcohol in the wipes strip the leather and/or glazing? Or are they are they really resilient to even that?
  5. ^^Gung recommends the antibacterial wipes. I would ask her because i haven't done anything to my bags yet :upsidedown:
  6. I have both a stone and tangerine MAM (love the glazed leathers). I have apple cleaner and conditioner and have swiped a little every now and then on the handles of the stone and the leather is fine. I am reluctant to spray a protectant for fear of it ruining the glazed finish. I think these finishes can be easily wiped clean.

  7. Anitbacterial wipes..really? I never heard of that!? clever:smile:

  8. I've used them before on a white coach bag that had slight color transfer from jeans. Just be sure to use the non-alcohol type, otherwise it can dry the leather.
  9. I use the products from and they are WONDERFUL! I started using them on my Balenciaga bags but soon moved on to putting them on all my bags. It works wonders on delicate leathers and has done amazing things for my bags.
    After using it on my Matinee it turned into a pile of buttery leather pudding.
    Barbara and Gary are also wonderful at answering questions and finding just the right product for your specialty bag. I would do some research first since your bag is glazed and you would not want to ruin the finish.
  10. I used these once on a Tapioca Marc Jacobs hobo and the jean rubbing came right off. It was amazing but that bag had a regular leather finish.
  11. Yes, mine was a regular, matte finish as well.
  12. Thanks everyone! Ok, I ended up spraying my bag with the Apple Garde, and it's fine! :smile:


  13. :police::police::police::police:

    LADIES! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT USE HOUSEHOLD ANTIBACTERIAL WIPES like Lysol and Clorox! The wipes I am referring to are ANTIBACTERIAL BABY WIPES! Not household wipes!:nuts:
  14. I always spray bags regardless. I know one TPFer thought since her bag was glazed, she was "safe" but it ended up damaging her bag. I strongly suggest you take precautions regardless of the finish of the bag. Leather is leather and there's a chance of water, etc. permeating regardless. I always protect my bags the same way all the time using wilsons/apple and it has never failed me. A spray has never caused me any damage at all regardless of how soft/buttery/glazed/etc. that it is.
  15. Thanks for clearing that up Gung! I love the baby wipe idea!!