Protecting Glazed Leather

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  1. Ladies,
    I know leather protection is something that has been widely discussed on this forum. But - and maybe this is just me - it's really confusing! So I wanted to get all your opinions/advice on protecting glazed leather.

    Namely, should it be done, has anyone had experiences with this, and what works the best?

    Also, I'm leaning towards Apple Garde Repellant, and have heard that it has some conditioning in it. Is this true?

    Please help! TIA!!!
  2. Bumping this because i desperately need an answer since tonight is the only night I can buy this stuff in person. Please help!
  3. I think I'm too late for you, but I have a bag w/ a glazed finish and I didn't treat it. It seemed pointless to me b/c water already bounced off/did not absorb and wiped clean w/o issue.
  4. Ok thanks for the tip!