Protecting Coach Signature with Scotch Gard?

  1. I do apologize if this info. is already posted somewhere else. I tried to search for the topic, but kept getting a message saying the word wasn't LONG enough?!?!

    Is it OKAY to Scotch Gard Coach Signature Bags???? I am wondering because I just got the Sig Stripe Swingpack with the white/parchment?? stripe. I want to protect it before I wear it, but don't know if Scotch Gard is safe to put on it?? Has anyone used Scotch Gard on their Signature Fabric stuff???

    Also, the Signature Cleaner says NOT to use it on an ink spot...WHY NOT? If I can't use THAT, what CAN I use to get the ink spot out???

    Thanks so much!! Again, I do apologize...I am sure this info is somewhere else but I can't find it.
  2. I use appleguard protectant spray on my signature pieces. I don't know how it compares to scotch guard. I would guess that is is safe for at least the fabric part. I know that appleguard is safe for the leather straps too.
  3. Scotch Gard is fine for signature bags-- we actually recommend it for the scribble and hamptons lines because they are prone to getting dirty. It works well for signature fabric; it's similar to what the bags are treated with when they are made.
  4. ive gotten an ink spot off with mr clean magic eraser.
  5. Does it work well for the denim carly & the watercolor? It's on my list of stuff to do - go through the forum & research protective sprays!
  6. As a general rule, Scotch-Gard works well for most Coach fabrics, NOT including the satiny scarf-print fabric. That one I'm not too sure about. The denim carly and the watercolour are be fine to use scotch-gard on :yes:
  7. Thanks! Now I might not be afraid to use them!
  8. I love those things. :yes: They really are magic!
  9. Thanks for all of the help!! I'm gonna try it tonight!!! - the Scotch Gard AND the Magic Eraser!!!:yes: