Protecting brown Hailey from scratches

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  1. I am looking for any help on finding a product/protectant that may minimize scratches to my brown Hailey. I've actually had a black Hailey for several months now and find that it wears beautifully. But my brown Hailey, a more recent purchase (complete with drama around having a "new" bag from a very reputable online retailer sold to me in most definitely used condition complete with scratches, worn handles, and, wait for it...., an ink stain on the back of the bag. :cursing:)

    Anynicetry, they did send the bag for repair/refurbish and I now have it back and truly truly love it, even with the couple of smaller scrathes that are still visible. Maybe because they're small, they almost seem to add a little character to the bag.

    It does have me wondering though whether there is some type of protectcant that I could use to minimize/protect this particular bag/leather/color from scratches. As I said, it's not an issue (at least not so far) with black Hailey, just brown. Thanks for any thoughts on the matter!
  2. Good question. I love and adore my brown Hailey. I have one minor scratch on it. No real problems...but I have wondered about those kinds of products.
  3. I am useless for info on protectants, but I did want to express my most sincere sympathies over the purchase problem. I think it's epidemic. :tdown:
  4. Thanks so much for the replies. I have such a crush on my Haileys that I have grown less concerned about the scratches. For some reason, they kind of look like they belong on the brown bag. I hope I don't feel differently in 6-12 months, like it suddenly looks like crap. In the meantime though, I will just enjoy the love affair.
  5. I love the Hailey! I have a Kooba Logan in Teal and have the same problem with scratches. I have used Apple protector on it but it hasn't helped at all with scratches!
  6. I just looked up the Logan - it's SO cute! Do the scratches seem to take away from the bag or seem more part of the character? How has the color held up? I won a teal Delia on ebay that needs some TLC (likely a dye job), so it's resting in my closet till I have the funds, but I think it's such a fun color and can't wait to "wear it". What colors do you find go well with it?

    I'm kind of torn right now because I love my Haileys but also just got a dark brown Brooklyn (from '05 I think) on Ebay and it's really cute and completely different from the Haileys. I'm not quite ready to put the Haileys away, so I just keep taking out the Brooklyn to admire it. I feel like a Kooba nerd. I told my hubby that I can almost say I have a "Kooba collection" since I'm up to 4 whole bags! :biggrin:
  7. I know this is old but if you still need info.....I use meltonian leather lotion on my brown Hailey and the scratches are visibly minimized! HTH for anyone else looking for this info.
    pics Before:


    here is the lotion:
  8. Thanks Shoebag! Did you apply the lotion all over or just on the scratches?
  9. Your welcome! I first applied it to the scratches, then all over :smile: