Protecting and Caring for our beloved BEs

  1. Suzie - at $600-800 a bag, I try to invest time to take care of're headed in the right direction...keep working on it!!

  2. Thanks Ladies for your help! This is a great "reference" thread.

    How does it work, to "sticky" a thread? Do you ladies, think we should do that with this one?
  3. Great idea lovebags, but I don't know how that is done...anyone know?

  4. Another poster recommended Vectra spray. It is supposed to spray on fairly dry and do a good job of waterproofing. I have it, but haven't used it yet. Bali_Girl, you make me feel like a slacker:shame:
  5. LOL risingsun !! Tash pointed out earlier that I may need to seek professional help...!! You are smarter than likely spend less time cleaning and more time wearing your BE's!!:p
  6. Oh Bali......I was joshing with you, please don't be offended, it's just my warped sense of humour!! :hugs:Seriously, I applaud you for taking care of your bags so well!! However, I'm just so slack and haven't even sprayed mine with Collonil yet....really, I should get round to doing it at some point, as we're prone to a LOT of rain. ;)
  7. Hey Tash,
    No offense taken!! Does that Collonil also come in a creme?

  8. You know, I don't have a clue!! I read about Collonil on the Mulberry forum, and after reading about the experiments they carried out on their Mulberries, this stuff sounded like MAGIC!!! Seriously, some had sprayed their bags, and literally soaked them in water....... and the water just rolled off, so I thought, I'll have some of that especially with our temperamental weather in Europe!! :yes:
  9. Bali,
    Thanks for the play by play. I have bought so much stuff and never used it oujt of fear. I did send a bag to LMB and must say that Barbara is a saint. She is the nicest person I have ever dealt with and so good at communicating. I highly recommend sending any bags to lmb. Send and email first with your concerns and she will get right back to you.
  10. LOL, Bali... my own skincare regimen doesn't even get close to your bag babies' pampering! Seriously, thanks for spelling it out for the rest of us. Will have to check out the LMB products, now that you've explained which ones do what.

    The only thing I've used so far is the Vectra spray, which is a waterproofer. It does go on very dry & light, like a fine mist aerosol hairspray, but it hasn't really been tested since it hasn't rained here in Georgia in ages!
  11. LovinMyBags on a new tan Hold Me

    1 coat of Feel Soft Moisturizer
    1 coat of Pro-Treatment

    Before and after pictures
    Before.JPG After.JPG Before 2.JPG After 2.JPG
  12. I bought two tan Hold Me's - here are both where only one of them are treated...
    Both 1.JPG Both 3.JPG
  13. Cilifene, Your bags look great - they look like the originals only deeper toned and softer to the touch ...that's what you want!!:tup:
  14. Exactly!! :yes: LMB is amazing :smile: