Protectant that is okay to spray on Satin and Silk?

  1. I attempted to do a search and came up with various threads that talked about AppleGuard, Scotchguard and Shining Monkey. I saw where ladies said they used these products mainly on their suede bags and their siggie/leathers.

    I didn't see much guidance for satin/silk bags.

    Any advice ladies?

    I really want to carry my Katy.

    She's been sitting in the box for over a month now asking to come out, but I've been scared to bring her out unprotected. Please help me free her.
    Any advice on what I could spray on her as a layer of protection against dirt, etc?

    TIA :smile:
  2. I would use the appleguard - I've used it on my patchwork and it has satin/silk patches.