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  1. I sold a RL Pony tote to an international buyer with best offer. I was set to ship it today when I noticed that they some how got free shipping with an Medium Flat Rate Box.
    I found that odd because:
    1. there is no free international shipping option
    2. i never use flat rate boxes to ship international because they are can't be insured or tracked
    3. Why would I offer free shipping when it is gonna cost more then the tote?

    I promptly refunded their money explaining I didn't know how that happened but I do not offer free shipping international. I also checked my auction and it showed that i listed it by weight for priority international. I also sent a cancel transaction request to the buyer.

    I called ebay to see if there was a problem with my account. The lady told me that the buyer edited the shipping cost:wtf: I asked her how and she said there was an option that allows buyers to edit shipping costs when you don't give them a set rate (most likely for all calculated international shipping). I was outraged! And the option is set by default on allowing buyers to edit costs!

    Here is how to change your setting so buyers can't do this to you!

    Click My account >Site Preferences>Payment From Buyers>Edit>Sign in again>Uncheck Buyer Edit Option>Submit

    So now I wait to see what the buyer tells me. The lady said if they don't agree to cancel the transaction I have to call back. And if they leave a negative feedback I have to call back to see if they can remove it.

    FYI: Buyer had 3 feedback but 0% rating
  2. :wtf: wow! what the heck!
    I knew in the past people were able to change the postage rates but I thought eBay stopped that!
    Will definitely keep that setting in mind next time I sell.

    Hope the buyer accepts your request to cancel the transaction so you can move on :flowers:
  3. That's usually set as "No" by default, isn't it? Was yours set as "Yes"? I don't remember editing mine from a Yes to a No. Anyone out there with more info on this?
  4. Mine was checked "yes" and I haven't even seen this option before...just unchecked.

    OP, that is unbelievable!
  5. Jeez...that's nuts! :shocked:

    I mean, it's a no-brainer that this option should be "No" by default.
  6. Wow, the nerve of some people. I think it's messed up that ebay even has that option for buyers to edit their own shipping! I'm off to check on mine. OP thanks for bringing this to my attention!

  7. This is the first time I've heard of this so I went to check mine & it was already set at 'no'.
  8. Holy mackerel, thank you so much for sharing; I just logged in and mine was set to a "Yes"! Can't imagine what may happen if this didn't get changed!
  9. Thank you! A ridiculous and sneaky default... I know I never checked the yes for it.
  10. The lady on the phone said it was checked yes by default. I had to unchecked it. Buyer ended up agreeing to cancel the transaction when they realized no free shipping for them. They tried to play off that they didn't know how they got free shipping too