Protect yourself Sellers - Chargeback scam international mail

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  1. I am still fighting my fight since I sold the Fendi Spy, heres the recap, buyer request USPS because the shipping quote I gave her was to high. Then I asked for proof of signature the item was lost and since its canada USPS wrote me a letter explaining that its up to them to provide signature or proof of deilvery IF THEY WANT TO. Canada is not forced to do this. Its September and I am still fighting I have -835 for my paypal account, paypal refused to insure me since I could not provide proof of signature or delivery (even though I requested). I had all the emails including the ones which the buyer says she will take full responsiblity for the item should anything happen. I also just found out the purse was picked up.

    So in case your a seller of fine lux goods, be wary of canada or international mail. I just wanted people to know the policy since its a chargeback and I have to wait for the Credit Card company.
  2. Thats why I do NOT sell international!
  3. And regardless of what you put in your auction the seller is always responsible to get the item to the buyer. No matter what you write and no matter what the buyer writes. Ever.
  4. I had a terrible experience shipping to Canada in the past. Since then, I don't ship to Canada ever.

    Did you ship via USPS Global Priority or Global Express?
  5. What method did you use?
  6. I ship everything Global Express- Get tracking - Gets there in 4-6 days and it is only a few bucks more than Priority-Signature included!!
  7. I was going to send it fedex but she could not deal with the 105 shipping even though if your buying an 800 you should pay extra shipping she requested in writting that I send it USPS express. I did and it was lost, we are now in the middle of a nasty charge back dispute.
  8. Sorry to hear about all this! USPS Global EXPRESS lost the package? I thought EXPRESS Mail has tracking all the way thru and is the most secure, highest-grade mail offered by USPS?! Isn't recipient signature required and delivery confirmation required as part of Express Mail?

    After years of ebaying and shipping via USPS Global Express (the only service I use for int'l mailing, never Global Priority), this is actually the first time I've heard of Global Express Mail losing a package -- from the various boards I visit it seems Express Mail is pretty reliable and no one has had any problems. I've shipped many times to Canada before using USPS Global Express Mail and each time it's gotten a delivery confirmation scan (proof of delivery). Did you buy insurance for this package? (I think with Express Mail $100 is automatically covered by default and any additional are based on what you declare and purchase to cover beforehand.)
  9. BTW, what do you mean "I also just found out the purse was picked up"? You mean the buyer acknowledged she received it, but it was USPS Express Mail's error not scanning the delivery confirmation....and now she's filing a chargeback?
  10. USPS wrote and expressed how sorry they were, but also and I have this in writting that sigature and delivery confirmations are not enforced and if the international carrier wants to provide it but they dont have to even though you pay extra. Also you need these things in order for USPS to give you a claim form which they are refusing to do. Also I called about two weeks ago and they emailed me saying the item was picked up on june 13. So the buyer is crying saying she didnt get the bag but I have a feeling she picked up the bag and wants her money and the bag.
  11. Isn't a printout of the USPS tracking information enough? It shows delivery?
  12. Isn't that proof of delivery?
  13. If you shipped via Global Express with insurance, USPS needs to provide you signature of delivery; otherwise you could file the claim to USPS for reimbursement.
  14. wow, thanks for the heads up. i will not be shipping internationally anymore!
  15. I was told at US Post Office that registered mail is most secure way to send lightweight packages. It has be signed for by anyone who touches it until it's delivered.

    My postal workers couldn't figure out Global express and insurance for a $2,500 purse to UK so registered was their best option ...

    Sorry to hear of your troubles.