'Protect Your Pumps' ruined my Louboutin soles!!!

  1. I tried a greatly reviewed product "Protect Your Pumps" to conserve the red soles for my Louboutins and they completely ruined them! It is a stixker that you stick to the bottom of your soles for protection. They advertise no residue and easy removal and that definitely wasn't the case for my Louboutins. Not only did it leave a sticky residue on most of the sole, it removed the red paint off the bottoms! I took them off after ONE wear (and with NO wet conditions) They recommend removing the adhesive after 3-4 wears. I wore my shoes out one time for about 3 hours, not on any gravel, mostly on tile and carpet. After horrifyingly realizing what was happening while removing them, I removed the stickers on the pair I have yet to wear and they turned out worse. Luckily, I have touch up paint which I repaired the torn off paint (still not the same!) but now I am left with soles that could have been better off without them.

    Ladies, DO NOT use this product for your precious red bottoms!!
  2. I normally have vibrams put on mine. They don't slip and are forever red. If I don't put vibrams on them, I don't worry about the red coming off. They are shoes and meant to be worn, after all.
  3. Oh my gosh, do you have a pic of how it turned out? Sorry to hear!
  4. OMGGG you are soo right! After reading about your experience, I took it off a pair of my cls that i've only worn once and the red came off in sections :cry:
  5. Sooo I previously recommended protect your pumps on the forum here. I said that they protect the red sole (true) and when you peel them off they don't remove the red. Little did I know was that that's only true if you haven't worn them! They protected my shoes really well but when it came time to remove them (I was getting vibrams done on my espadrilles anyway so I wasn't bothered, but if I had wanted to put new sheets on it would be an issue) all of the red peeled off with it. If they were unworn and you peeled them off, it didn't do damage, it was only after they were worn. I would NOT recommend this product anymore and I take back my previous glowing recommendation.
  6. :O this is horrifying! For those of you who are thinking of ways to protect the red soles, look for shoe cobblers that have red Topy/vibram. I personally think the red Topy is a better match in terms of color, but vibrams are a bit darker red. Also, make sure you ask the cobbled how thick the Topy is and if they sand it down prior!! There are immense quality differences between cobblers and asking about their technique can help distinguish between seasoned cobblers that should have the privilege of touching you louboutins and those who should not go anywhere near your beloved red soles!!
  7. Oh no I just put them on all my 40 pairs of Louboutins! I'm screwed!!! What am I gonna do?!!!!!
  8. Leave them on! I reckon the more you wear them with the protectors the less 'sticky' the adhesive will become and the less damage they'll do to your shoe when you finally do take them off.

    The only other suggestion would be to try removing them from one pair to see what happens, and proceed based on that.
  9. Has anyone tried screen protectors like the ones from the iPhone?
  10. OMG this is horrible! I have yet to peel any of them off any of my shoes, so I have to check on them now. 1 pair wore a few time sand 2 pairs still brand new have not worn yet but have the protectors on.
  11. The problem is the longer you wear them, the more the adhere to the shoe from the pressure of walking, almost like they get engrained in the shoe.
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    Oh no....I already put them on at least a half dozen pairs as well...I guess those will have to be vibramed in the future...
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    I just checked my heels and the adhesive is too strong, can't even peel it off and I'm too scared to pull too hard.

    Ok on another pair I just wanted the sticker off! And just a light Pull the red paint came off my new shoes! Want to cry!

    I will try to figure out how to add pic
  14. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1375932821.352059.jpg The paint is peeling off my shoes
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    This product is as horrible as it can get......

    I also used these stickers on 3 pairs of my brand new pairs and 2 came out horrifying. I wasn't braved enough to take them out at first but I knew I had to because the more pressure I put on them, the more paint will adhere to the sticker. I'm bringing them to the cobbler to put vibrams on them tomorrow. Not only did they peel out the red sole (which will eventually come off anyways) but they are BEYOND unbelievably tacky. There is no way I can wear them out with all this stickiness.

    For your additional info, I searched on youtube and this is what came up. You can tell the founder used some sort of sticky glue and advertised it to be harmless for the red soles. There was no support that this glue was indeed safe...