Protect Me's available NOW! Red, Cobalt, Marine....etc...

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  1. Ladies!

    After seeing Dee's red sheen PM, I had to order one myself! Best thing is, I don't have to's IN STOCK!!!

    Of course, I had to ask about other colours and Jackie told me they have the following available right now!

    - Red Sheen
    - Cobalt
    - Marine Blue
    - Chocolate
    - Pewter
    - Mottled Gold
  2. Thanks for the news! It would be great if BE could post pics. of these to help give a better idea of some of the spring colors.
  3. ooh I need one!

    How do I order one -- I only see 'protect me red' or 'protect me plum crash' ? I want to order the blue...
  4. Contessa, do you know what color hardware on the available PM's?
  5. Thanks for the news! I have one on order in turquoise, but the red, the mottled gold and pewter all sound hot (as does the cobalt, but I already have an angel purse on order in that color).
  6. I like the look of the red sheen. Too bad, I already ordered the Plum Crash. Don't think I need 2 PM's
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    Last edited: Jan 17, 2009
    The colors have been up on the website for the past week and then I noticed they were not there this morning.
    These were the ones that were available:
    Navy – semi matte
    · Brown – semi matte
    · Pewter crash
    · Fuchsia pink
    · Cobalt
    · Red
    · Mottled Gold

    You can write in the comment section the color and also if you want the window and initials. I ordered earlier this past week.
  8. :smile: I highly recommend this lovely!
  9. The Fuschia is tempting too!
  10. Why are these colours more expensive than the Plum Crash on the website? It is usually the other way round.
  11. Marine Blue ... what marine blue? Have we seen this colour before?
  12. I think maybe they are all supposed to be £45/$65 and that the plum crash is probably a typo?
  13. Wondering if it's the navy that pinkdiamond received?