Protect bag before use or nah?

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  1. Does it make sense? I’ve got a light-colored Marcie on the way and was wondering if I need to Collonil her (gel or spray, I have both) or not.
    Muchas gracias, la familia!
  2. I guess why not? I don’t think it could hurt it I treated mine and mine is the tan color.
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  3. Generally Chloe bags dont need afterpurse protecting, i have 2 Marcies i never treated. But if you are concerned check what the care cards say, they would indicate whats the best steps to take.
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  4. I've never had to put any protectant on my bags. I think she's good to go.
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  5. Thanks, peeps! Card says to "...treat with care..." whatever that means :smile: I'll follow y'all's lead and not pre-treat.
  6. Is the bag made of leather or suede?