Protea bag

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  1. does anyone own this bag or has anyone seen it irl? It looks amazing but I want to know if anyone has any experience with it. Thanks!
  2. I’ve seen it in person at the LA boutique. I really love the look of this bag, but I feel it has a design flaw that prevented me from purchasing. The handles are attached to the inside of the bag near the magnets that give the bag the closed/folded dumpling shape. (There’s also a magnet in the center of the bag) When you put anything in the bag and pick it up to wear it, the magnets pop open at the sides and to me, it looks sloppy. The SA at the store told me it’s supposed to do that as it’s a more boho style. I was so disappointed because I was really hoping to purchase the smaller size but I don’t think it’s too much to ask that the bag stay closed when in use.
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  3. I just saw the blue grey mini protea in real life today. I agree with the comment above regarding the magnets, they could be problematic. Other than that, the bag was beautiful and lightweight with a little bit of structure, but not as much as the bucket. It’s really pretty IMO.
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  4. This is so disappointing to hear as I love the look of the bag, bucket bags are my weakness and I loved this one. Ugh!
  5. Forgot to insert quotes. Was waiting so long for this bag and am so upset to hear that it’s an issue...
  6. I’m really hoping MG will realize this is an issue and fix it because I, too love the protea bag and was so disappointed about this!
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  7. I purchased it. I adore this bag however mine was defective. The snaps would not stay closed. I only put a cell phone and wallet inside. I adore this bag as I await a exchange.
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