prospective international buyer, never buy from ebay before..

  1. Hi,

    I am new to this site and from Malaysia. So glad I stumbled into this website. I want so much to get one coach bag, I emailed the user but he didnt reply to my questions.:sad:

    I have no feedback since I never buy anything in eBay before. So here are my questions;
    1. how can a person with no feedback buy on eBay? with honest sellers of
    course /authentic merchadise.
    2. Is having a paypal account would convince sellers that we are genuine buyer?

    BTW, I have been conned too throught credit card fraud when I was in USA for business trip, I bought using credit card. Unfortunately, someone used my numbers to buy tyres & car accessories! I dont even know how to drive! :push: Luckily, it was sorted out with my credit card company.:yes:

    Thank you for reading my post. Hope to get more information from everyone :yes:
  2. Hi SNJ,

    If you really want something on eBay and you have no feedback at all, contact the seller and explain that you are genuine in wanting to buy the item and have a paypal account. Most sellers understand that you have to start somewhere (after all, they too were one day new ebayers!!) and the fact that you take the time and make the effort to contact them will show to a certain extent that you are motivated by the purchase. I've done that when I was a beginner ebayer and it always worked.
    Paypal is a safe way to pay, as you can get your money back if the item was a fake, etc. But i'm sure you're read all about that on their website already!
    Good luck on your first bid!;)
  3. Thank you, Mrs V for the explaination :yes: and the good words :love:.
  4. I think it's best for you to get a paypal account too. :yes: Since it's one of the most secure payment method and you will be protected as a buyer.
  5. Hi SNJ,
    I would definitely contact the sellers and let them know you are serious about the purchase. Many ebay sellers are nervous when it comes to new ebayers especially international ones.
    It my be requested that you use bidpay or bank transfer as you will be unable to confirm your address through paypal.
    Make sure your seller is reputable and I am sure you will not have any problems.
    Good luck!
  6. Absolutely great advice here. If you do decide to bid and win, make sure you handle everything promptly and politely too. If in doubt, ask your seller or come here and get advice. Everyone starts somewhere and the best thing is to be open, friendly and completely professional in all your communications from expression of interest right through to leaving feedback on the transaction. Hope it works out!
  7. Thank you everyone for the advise . I do have a paypal account which I never use. I forgot to mention them to the seller :shame:

    Now feel bit reluctant towards the seller since he (from ebay store, not any person here) refused even acknowledge my mail :yucky: even though I super like the bag :sad:

    PS: I :heart: this foru, everyone is super nice :tender:
  8. I would also recommend purchasing smaller, less expensive items to raise your feedback score before trying to purchase expensive items. The higher your feedback, the more likely a seller will want to work with you. Good luck!
  9. Personally, if a seller refuses to answer my email I won't bid on the item. Sometimes I email a question just to see how the seller responds--from the way they respond, you can often tell if you would want to deal with them.
  10. i also would recommend buying some smaller purchases to build your feedback rating!

    Also, fill out an ABOUT ME page. When im bidding and see one, I always read it. Gives a little bit more legitimacy to your ID name.