Prospective Damier seedy 35 SO

  1. Sooo.... I went to the Knightsbridge boutique for a cles today and (coincidence) the same lady who sold me my Azur pochette was served me today.

    I told her I was considering a Damier 35 and asked what the price would be. She said it was hard to say, it would me a mot more than 30% on top of the mono price, that I'd supposed. She took my details and said she'd contact Paris for a price quote. I'd also be looking at 6 months to get it made. She went through the SO folder and on the speedy 35 line, there was no Damier option, so she suggested that it's ws like that they wouldn't make it :sad:

    I had thinking about a £450-£500 benchmark, given that the mono 35 is £320. she said I could expect to pay more :push: if they'd make it. Anyhoo, I've asked her to enquire all the same, seeing as I'm stil considering it. It's still pie-in-the-sky for me. She said she was interested anyway, seeing as it would be such a cool bag. She said she'd ring me within a fortnight a she works part-time.

    On a side note, Knightsbridge has got to be my favourite LV so far. The staff are really polite and helpful. Harrods and Selfridges staff are helpful but it's always busy whenever I'm looking around. it sounds like I should make the longer trip to shop there whenever I want something, especially as they're open on Sundays.
  2. Let us know if they say yes or not! There are a few other ladies and gents that would like one too!
  3. I bet they're going to come out with a 35 in the near future, they've been coming out more and more with stuff from that line.... I would wait... :shrugs:
  4. that's what I thought. :shrugs:

    I asked her if it was likely they would make one and the SA told me that the damier 35 had acutally been discontinued several years ago and there were no plans on the horizon. she also checked the SO folder and the speedy 35 in Damier wasn't even listed.

    I dunno, I'm still waiting for the quote either this week or next week but I'm torn betweenL

    buying a used mono 35
    waiting for the possibility of a Damier release
    or saying "sod it!" and So'ing a damier

    Something's holding me back from mono. I guess I'm scared of drawing attention to myself or the fact that I work in an "inner city" area with terrible fakes everyone, iono.

    Even if I get the quote, I may not decide this side of christmas - unless it'a a realistic price.
  5. Let us know what happens! I really want an azur 35, i have the 30 already and i plan to get the mono 35 but would really love that azur 35...
  6. I didn't even know that they had one years ago!!! I guess if they have no plans on it then it would be a good idea if thats something that you REALLY want. It would make a really nice bag :smile:
  7. Yeah, I think I really do want it :girlsigh: I've been thinking about it all week and how it would make a cute bag for long days or even overnight getaway's (travelling light FTW!)

    I'm just waiting for the call back and praying the quote won't be too high :s
  8. good luck..please keep us posted when you get with a quote.
  9. I hope it works out for you!
  10. Would love to know the answer to this, the 35's a fantastic size and I love mine to pieces! I'm amazed they were made long ago, I've never seen/heard of a Damier 35 and they must be rare as hens' teeth. The fact that they may bring one out again though is a worry.. I say that if it's more than 30%, I'd wait.

    On the other side though, if they're making it from scratch specially for you, perhaps they could do something neat like heatstamp it? Then even if they bring them out as standard yours would still be special and unique as they won't do that to bags now.
  11. ^^ that;s a nice idea, thanks. does anyone know if they paint soft bags yet?
  12. MissThing- that bag idea is TDF! + some LV painted stripes!! Girl you got good taste!

    and OT- keep the weight loss up- I'm starting my plan tomorrow......
  13. I too really want a 35 and was willing to settle for a mono as the 30 just doesn't seem long enough for me!

    Can't wait to hear what they say!