Prosecutor in the Duke lacrosse rape case disbarred

  1. from breaking news alerts:

    -- The prosecutor in the Duke University lacrosse rape case was disbarred Saturday after a North Carolina ethics panel found him guilty of numerous violations

    Don't know if anyone else has been following this horrifying story- but this man also belongs in JAIL for what he did!

    I hope the authorities demand new trials for every single prosecution this man was involved in. Imagine the people who could not afford good lawyers who are in jail because of this monster?!
  2. I feel horrible for what happened to the lacrosse players... I haven't read anything about the prosecutor, but I'm going to read up on it now!
  3. Justice was served, my friends!!!
  4. As a resident of the area, I say: it's about time! I agree, he belongs in prison for what he did. Even though they were cleared, those guys' lives will never be the same again.
  5. Wonderful!!
  6. I think the prosecutor being disbarred is nothing in comparision to the good names of the players whose lives and reputations he negatively affected.
  7. I have been following this case and was horrified as well. It was clear very early on those boys, while certainly no angels, were not guilty. The anguish and expense they and their families had to endure! I hope they are preparing a civil case against him to at least recover their legal fees. Hopefully they can began healing and moving forward with their lives.
  8. good!!!
  9. Good!!
  10. wow, im glad to see it happen. i honestly never thought he would finally get disbarred. hopefully this will help the players families move foward in their lives.
  11. It is so sickening to think how much he affected these young boys lives. I'm glad he is disbarred and jail should be an option too for that man.
  12. According to a People Magazine article (dated April 11 of this year, when the charges against the Duke lacrosse players were dropped) the DA faced charges of "making misleading and inflammatory comments, withholding evidence from defense attorneys and lying to the court and bar investigators."

    That DA ruined those boys' lives and reputations. He also ruined the lives and reputations of the boys' families.

    He deserves to be disbarred.

    I only hope the boys and their families find some sense of peace after all this craziness.
  13. ITA with everyone, those boy's lives will never be the same after the way he treated them. He deserves disbarment.
  14. I think the more disturbing thing is that this individual presided over many other prosecutions besides this one during his career. I think that each and every one of those cases need to be re-visited. If this man withheld DNA evidence in a case as important as this one, it is likely he did similar things in the other cases.

    In other words, there are likely other people sitting in jails right now that do not belong there.