Prosecuter's are split in Brandy's fatal crash case

  1. This is so sad really . . .

    Posted Aug 6th 2007 1:11PM by TMZ Staff
    [​IMG]Law enforcement sources tell TMZ that officials in the Los Angeles City Attorney's office are split over whether to prosecute Brandy for a fatal car accident last December.

    Brandy's Range Rover rear-ended a car, triggering a multi-car accident, which resulted in the death of a 38-year-old woman. One source says there was a "conflict" in the City Attorney's office over whether Brandy should be prosecuted at all. The charge on the table, we're told, is misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter.

    We're told prosecutors are waiting on technical data that will measure the speed of Brandy's vehicle on impact. The data will help prosecutors determine if the singer tried to brake before impact. The tests are being conducted by a London based firm.

    When the results are returned, the City Attorney will make a decision. One source says, "At this point it could go either way."
  2. So sad for that family's loss. Whatever happens, I hope they treat this case just like they would any other if that's even possible. I mean, if a celeb wasn't the one who allegedly started the chain reaction we wouldn't even be reading this!
  3. Out here any accident that results in a fatality is automatically Vehicular Manslaughter. The degree is always different, so someone may get 10 years in prison, others 1 year of probation. I guess it depends on the reason for the crash.
    Does anyone know what she was doing when she rear ended the other person?? Maybe talking on the phone?
  4. I say throw the book at her.....
  5. I think she should be prosecuted. Any other person would be if the same thing happened to them...enough with the preferential treatment of celebrities!!!
  6. The last thread on brandy's crash got a little out of hand, so I'll try nto to step on other peoples toes. Yes i believe that she should get the same punishment as MR X would get if he were in her position. But we need to understand that it was an accident. It was proven that she wasn't on her phone or drink driving and she obviously didn't mean to do it. isn't it punishment enough having to deal with the fact that you were the cause of someone death? even for a regular person.