Pros vs. Cons on shipping worldwide

  1. Ok....I have one of my Chloe bags listed on eBay. Originally, I said I wouldn't ship worldwide. Well....all my questions come from interested people worldwide wanting me to ship to Greece, London and even Lebonon. What would you guys do? I've heard so many horror stories but I also don't want to lose a good buyer. Thanks for your input!!
  2. Hello, I also selling on eBay and other auction situs :smile: I accept worldwide buyers. The only one thing problem to ship worldwide is the shipping quote is quite high! I always ship with tracking number once ship worldwide to protect my buyers and myself, of course
  3. I generally consider international sales, but ask all prospective buyers from overseas to contact me before bidding. So far, so good, fingers, toes and eyes crossed . . .!
  4. i make international buyers email for shipping rates. i do ship ww but only ship express or airmail parcel post. it can be a pain but printing the labels out at home can help. make sure the packages are insured and you'll be fine. i have sent things to many wonderful international buyers!
  5. "allgirlz" - what horror stories have you heard? i am trying to start worldwide shipping but i dont know what to say for the shipping quote. It seems like the price is quite high- double or even triple domestic costs. How accurate is the shipping calc. on eBay? say something costs $5 to ship domestic, anyone know how much it would be internationally? just an estimate
  6. You can go into, and click the 'Calculate Postage' tab on top. Then, there's a drop down menu to pick what country is the destination for the bag. You then click on 'package', and enter an approximate weight. Make sure to take into account the whole package, after the box is all ready to go and taped up. You should get a better idea. I usually quote the price based on the choice of 'Airmal Parcel Post'. Also, sometimes the buyers will ask for insurance which means extra. HTH!
  7. Please mark it as gift package though. I just had to pay £62 custom fees :sad: lol as well as $80 to ship it here :sad: lol
  8. Pro - you have more prospective buyers and therefore are more likely to get a higher price for your bags

    Con - tracking international packages is a pain in the butt and extra Paypal fees to cover currency conversion
  9. It is really important to stress agreement before bidding too as it can be very costly, especially with heavy items and buyers can get a real shock when they receive the quotation for shipping. Actually, it's not just buyers who get a shock when I found out how much it would be to send a transcribing machine to Germany I almost fell over!
  10. Use the tools on the website. Shipping international can help increase your sale because it broadens your selling range and customer base, but be leary as to payment offers and only take payments that are verifiable -no money orders/checks/etc. There is too many fraudulent payments.
  11. I ship internationally for a high flat shipping fee via USPS Global Priority only. You can not ship to all countries this way however. I also only accept paypal payments from international buyers and they must pay within 5 days. I have shipped world wide with little to no problems...Good luck
  12. We have shipped world-wide for years with never a problem (so far =) Here are our "rules:"

    1. We ship Global Express Mail only, except for very inexpensive items (like socks.) Reason? Global Priority cannot be tracked nor can you buy insurance; Global Express IS tracked and you CAN buy insurance. UPS is at least twice the cost.

    2. Buyer must have at least 10 feedback, all positive (or a pretty good explanation of any negative.)

    3. Payment by PayPal only.

    4. We will mark a shipment a "Gift" but only if the Buyer asks us to. Not telling the truth on customs declarations is against the law. We also try to make sure the buyer understands that they are responsible for any duty or tax imposed by their country, and also that normal shipping time can be delayed by their customs. Note that even when marked a "gift" there may still be taxes imposed. You (the Seller) have absolutely no way to control that and the Buyer must understand.

    A few of our international buyers have become friends . . . which is always a nice bonus =)

  13. There won't be currency conversion if you only accept payment in the same currency as listed in your auction. If the buyer just clicks on the Pay button, it'll automatically be payment in the auction listed currency; to pay in a different currency, buyer will actually have to manually key everything in at the "Send Money" page.

    However, there will be extra Paypal fees cos payment is "cross-border". It becomes 3.4% + $0.30 (if I remember correctly), this applies regardless of type of currency sent/received.
  14. I take it on a case by case basis. Paypal only.
  15. Just realized you wanted pros and cons, sorry! I have always specified US only in my auctions, but once had a person contact me to ask whether I would ship to Germany. I said that I would, and gave her a shipping quote. It ended up that she was the second bidder on my auction. The first bidder counter-bid (twice!) and it became my best eBay sale! So, with caution and scrutiny, it can really help you. I think maybe eBay posts a list of "suspicious" countries (like Nigeria, for example) so that might help.