Pros vs. Cons ~ Batignolles Vertical

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  1. I need a quick run down of pros vs. cons on this bag. And what would you pay for a slightly used 7 month old bag?
  2. I have the Batignolles Horizontale - I choosed that one over the Vertical because I carry a lot of stuff and I thought the shoulder handles were longer. I depends how you want to carry your stuff - and if you want to be hands free at times. You might want to check out the prices on and figure out if it's worth it to buy it slightly used.
    I also noticed that you're from Texas - worries about fitting shoulder handles over winter coats isn't probably much of an issue for you!:smile:
  3. Oh yeah - pros - carries lots of stuff, has nice cell phone holder and d-ring for you to attach your little pouchette. Side tabs adjust to give you an extra room to squeeze "one more thing" in. Cons - I wish it came in damier print - it only comes in monogram. Tad pricey for the size, but heck, it's a Louie.
  4. I have a BH and use it for school (easier to fit in notebooks). I never really liked the vertical because (con) I'm already quite petite at 5'2 and 97lbs so my psychology on bags is that shorter people should stay AWAY from vertically lined bags (eg perfo musette wouldn't work on me either). They're just going to make me look shorter. However (pro), if you're already quite tall, I think vertical bags would be fine since it tends to slim your silhouette more.......
  5. What is the handle drop on the bag?
  6. Hey Cec.LV4eva! I'm actually in love with the Batignolles Horizontal but I disagree w/your own pyschology on shorter people staying away from vertical pieces. I'm only 4'11"...and it is always recommened that shorter people choose vertical lines in order to elongate the look of their bodies. Its the same way for slightly heavier people..they tend to stay away from sweaters or clothes of sort that have horizontal stripes going across them, because it widens them. If they choose vertical stripes though, it elongates them and makes them look slimmer. So for short people, wearing something w/a vertical shape or horizontal stripes (like for instance, pinstripe slacks) will elongate them and will give the effect that they are taller then they really are. Its just a tip for short people who don't want to look so short! :P

    Regardless, I like the batignolles horizontal more than the vertical anyway. lol!
  7. I love both, but in the end chose the vertical. I liked the fact that it didn't get in my way when I was carrying it, as opposed to the horizontal which stuck out more in the front of my body.
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