Pros vs. Cons ~ Batignolles Vertical

  1. OK guys. I need a quick list of pros and cons on this bag. And how much would you pay for a 7 month old - hardly used bag? :rolleyes:
  2. I was looking at that bag and the SA suggested I get the horizontal instead because the vertical just blocks too much of the body - pretty much my whole upper body. Probably would look great on a taller person.

    But of course, to each her own!
  3. I prefer the shape of the BV over the BH, I eventually bought both because they're so fab and I can't make up my mind. I think it's more comfortable to carry than the BH - the only downside is that it doesn't have a zip top. But hey, it's going to be under your arm anyways !

    And I would budget for at least 600$ for what you're describing - the batignolles bags did come out last year and they're still selling pretty well.
  4. Well I did the "you snooze, you loose" thing. I watched it too long. Someone else snatched it up. Guess it wasn't meant to be. Actually I can count on one hand the LV styles that I'd actually like to own. This is one of them. Another is the new Lockit Vertical. BTW, I could have bought it for $450. I think I really lost out!!!!!!!

  5. Wow, that would have been an incrediable deal! I bought my BV from a "mypoupette seller" for around $650.00. It is one of my favorite bags. :love:
  6. I tried on BV and BH, I personally love BV on me and SA also said BV looks much nicer on me and her (she has one)
    I am not tall at all, I feel BV has "slimming" effect..
  7. I have the BH... and I prefer the look of that over the BV. I might get a BV eventually, though... they are both great bags.
  8. Honest with you..I think $450 is way too low for an authentic BH and just 7 months use??:shocked: , sounds fishy to me, I paid for mine $659 from LVlady99, she gave me free shipping that was the only deal I got from her and the bags was purchased last year.

    Maybe was best for you that another person got the bag, "if it is too good to be truth....:s
  9. Here is the eBay auction number. I sent a ASQ for the date code - which she refered to as serial number, LOL - and it was SD1015. So November 05 - she bought in Feb 06. What ya think?

  10. ITA!!!

    But most people here seem to prefer to BH. I don't own either yet.
  11. I tried on both the BV and BH...I settled on the BV because I felt it was easier to move ym arm around...but that said...the BH is on my list to buy!
  12. The bag has been created in Novembre 2005, then sent to a boutique and she bought it in feb. 06. No problem, it's logical.
  13. Yeah, the other board I visit said it was real. I should have gone for it. Kicking myself now for not doing it.
  14. I have the BV and love it!! I tried on the BV and BH and found the BV was more comfortable and easier to carry! I say go for it, this is by far my favorite LV!
  15. Jessica? Is that YOU?
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