Pros/Cons on Fendi Spy: deciding to get my first one

  1. hello,
    can u guys please give me pros and cons of the fendi spy? i'm trying to get mine first one, but still deciding bc it's not a cheap bag..could you guys please tell me the pros and cons?? thx. especially, the flat, the opening, the comfort?
  2. i think there's a thread about this... you should do a search.
  3. There are many pros to the spy -- it's a stand out, stylish yet classic bag, not to mention that it can hold a tremendous amount. Fendi has done a great job creating a bag that is of the moment and classic at the same time. It is an eye-catching and beutiful bag! :love:

    That said, there is one main con I've encountered with my darker colored spy. I have a brown spy bag that I bought almost a year ago, and it is *impossible* to keep the leather from fading. :rant: I completely baby my spy -- I watch how I carry it to prevent any rubbing against me, don't ever let it brush against anything, never set it down on the floor, protect the leather with appleguard and apply apple's leather lotion whenever the slightest bit of fading appears.

    Nevertheless, I feel like I'm fighting a battle I can't win -- you still notice that the bag is fading around the edges to the top opening and on the spy flap/handle, and there is also fading on the sides of the bag. :hysteric:

    I haven't had the same experience with my lighter colored honey wisteria, and I have read on here that Fendi now treats the leather on the spy bag to prevent the leather from fading.
  4. I love my Spy. I've never actually carried a bag longer than I have my Spy, it's brilliant! The main reason that the Spy is so great is that you can fit almost anything into it, and yet it doesn't feel bulky under your arm when there isn't as much stuff in it. The leather is soft and amazing, you'll love it. :flowers: The only cons I can think of is that there really is only one compartment (I don't keep anything in the two smaller compartments because the locks do get loser with time and they *might* open on their own) It can also sometimes be a pain to find your phone/wallet/keys in the bag, but I've solved that by always putting those things in one corner of the bag so that I'm able to find what I need pretty easily.

    Good luck deciding :flowers:
  5. Pros: No matter what color you get, you'll have a gorgeous bag.
    It's timeless and stylish.
    Easy to get your stuff in and out of it.
    The secret compartments are fun!:lol:
    You CAN get authentic ones on eBay (I'd like to recommend PINCHROSEMARY. She always has authentic Spies!)
    You can fit sooooooooooooooooooooooo much stuff in it.
    It's mega lightweight!
    There are many rich, beautiful colors to choose from.
    You can't stop at just one!

    Cons: Doesn't stay on MY shoulder with a coat on. You might have better luck.
    You can't stop at just one!

    That's it for now. If I think of more stuff, I'll let ya know.