Pros/Cons on Fendi Spy: deciding to get my first one

  1. hello,
    can u guys please give me pros and cons of the fendi spy? i'm trying to get mine first one, but still deciding bc it's not a cheap bag..could you guys please tell me the pros and cons?? thx
  2. If It's your First Spy I think a Classic color should be perfect, as a Chocolate, a Black or a cognac. I just bought a cognac (still waiting for it) and I think it's a foboulous color.
    The Zucca, is def Hot! too.

    Good luck! I hope you will find your dream spy soon.
  3. ^ I totally agree!
  4. I have the metallic spy. It is a BEAUTIFUL bag but I have found it to be the most frustrating bag to carry ever!! The opening is not wide enough for me, once you put everything in it...its hard to just grab what you are looking for! Plus there are not enough compartments for me. The little part that snaps shut often times comes open as it goes kind of loose. Its just not a user friendly bag for me. BUT its so PRETTY!!! Just my 2 cents!
  5. some colour tend to fade off with wear, so be sure you can accept the worn look before taking the plunge..
  6. hello, what are the colors that tend to fade and look distressed? thanks
  7. The older colours will fade, also the Cognac did, new bags are now treated so they do not fade for a long while
  8. One major plus of the spy is its size. I love big bags where I can throw things in so the spy is great. I use it to travel and it fit all my necessities in it.

    The spy also has some manufacturing problems - like mine had the spy compartment fall off and break so that was exasperating. I've read that a number of people also have had this problem, so I think it's universal across all spies. Might be the design, I don't know.

    However, apart from Bal bags, I find spies the next closest to having fun colors:p So I guess that's a tradeoff!
  9. Great thread. I just took the leap and am getting my first Spy. Let us know if you decide to get one.
  10. This is a reintroduction of a controversial subject I read yesterday (fakes, replicas, & designer-inspired vs authentic) but I couldn't help commenting, based on some of the peculiar replies to Pwecious that I've read here today.

    If the authentic bags are valued for being so well-made, would you find conditions like "spy having manufacturing problems...compartment fall off & break...a number of people have this problem...part that snaps shut comes loose...fades after awhile" acceptable? Wouldn't you expect more for your $s? I believe the main reason for buying the authentic product is quality, right?

    2nd point: If some of those replicas were made by average workers, not children, in a healthy environment with quality control, would it not be economically feasible having these jobs available? Especially if there was the possibility that a $50 knock-off might hold up longer than the authentic version?

    And if the latter is true, should it matter that the designer is "losing millions" over a sub-standard commodity? Does someone who produces such a flawed product be enabled to charge $2,000+ for something as inferior as what's been described here?

    Don't get me wrong...I'm not trying to start another war. Just that most of you have mentioned flaws of some sort or other....the types that I would find unacceptable in something I had paid so much for. I've also had some fine leather bags for years that cost far less, without sustaining any of the faults, fading, damage that several of you have listed here.

    I'm just very curious. And by-the-way Pwecious, asking those questions regarding pros & cons before purchasing a "luxury" item are very valid ones. It was very wise of you to do so.
  11. the abnormal speed of the spy leather wearing down concerns me greatly.
    it fades easily and it "blushes" easily.

    i called the store in BH to see what the heck that was about and the SA told me that although it seems like an everyday bag, IT'S NOT.

    she told me that i have to be oh so carefull, especially with my tortuga.

    this gets me wondering if i really want to spend $2000+ on a bag that's not going to last.......

    just my 2 cents.

    but i really like the hologram.
  12. All design bags have problems somewhere along the line whether it LV or Gucci, Dior certainly has with its gaucho range.

    I think Fendi has addressed the problem of fading in spys they are now coated so do not fade so easily. I save my spys for special occasions and would not use them to go shopping in the local supermarket.
  13. I use my spies to go wherever I please, except the gym. Namely, with any pricey lambskin bag, you need to be careful. Lambskin though known for its softness is not as durable than many other types of leather. She has however held up better than some of my other leather bags (chanel lambskin in particular)

    That said, I personally find the spy very comfortable to carry, the design is phenomenal. I like the cute compartments, but I don't use them at all. I don't carry too many big things, so I haven't had a problem with items fitting inside the flap. There is certainly a lushful "je ne sais quoi" about the bag, atleast for me! ;)

    I use them quite often and haven't had any problems with parts falling off as others. It might be a batch manufacturing problem. Definitely do a thorough inspection upon receiving a bag and keep all paperwork. That may save you grief later on. Also, one of the benefits of buying from Fendi boutique is that all bags come with a manufacturer's guarantee for one year. My SA told me that it is something only the boutique offers and not other retailers like NM (not sure if this is entirely true yet).

    That said, if you take the leap, remember to think of us and post pics! Good luck!!!

    :heart: BL
  14. Pros:
    1. yes as balenciagalove says its' the "lushful je ne sais quoi" small wonder a lot of B girls are cheating with Spies!
    It has a certain "I know luxury but I am relaxed about it" look
    2. It's big, expandable and you can throw almost evrything in it
    3. The handles are just right for carrying under the arm or over the forearm

    1. You sometimes have to fiddle around to look for things inside ( but putting everything in separate pouches will help

    I leave my phone, car key, access card and Blackberry in the small compartment

    2. No feet. so I always make sure I hang it or rest it on clean paper given the lambskin is hard to maintain
  15. Pros: It's a cool unique bag and I just love the style
    Cons: the fading thing and the squeaking thing with the hardware is an issue. I treat mine with Appleguard. I don't feel comfortable tossing the bag around due to the softness of the leather.