Pros & cons of using cles/agendas as wallets??

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  1. Hi everyone~ I noticed that many tpfers use cles and agendas in place of regular wallets? What are some pros and cons of using these "alternative" wallets? If money wasn't a factor, would you prefer to get the regular wallets instead? TIA! :jammin:
  2. Do a search, there are several threads on this.
  3. I like wallets as wallets, myself. I like having everything organized with the credit card slots, billfold pockets, etc.

    But I think a lot of people appreciate the multipurpose nature of the cles :smile:
  4. Have to agree, sometimes I just don't want to carry around a wallet so I use my cles. I have even used my small makeup bag as a wallet before!

    I think it just depends on what you like and on your mood. :yes:
  5. I always use my cles as a wallet, it holds my credit cards, DL, and some cash, it's lightweight and just easy.

    I don't need a wallet at all.
  6. ooh, thanks for all the links, bag fetish! and everyone else's input as well!