Pros & cons of Suhali Le Fab?

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  1. I've been plotting my next LV purchase, and I'm determined to get a suhali bag. I've always wanted a Le Fab, but I'm not sure if I will like using it. I'm a big bag kind of gal, so a Le Aim or even a Le Tal will be too small. Is it heavy? Can you wear it on comfortably on your shoulder? What are the pros & cons? Thanks in advance. :smile:
  2. i tried the Le Fabuleux on in the store, and it's a little heavy because of the hardware, and it looked too box-like for me. that made me choose the L'Epanoui GM over it
  3. Sandra-
    I love the pictures of you modeling your bag! It's so beautiful!
  4. I am hoping LVLover sees this thread. She will for sure tell you ther PROs of the Le Fab! She has FIVE of them!!!:nuts:

    I had one that I recently sold. It's a FINE bag and it does fit comfortably on the shoulder. I didn't find it heavy at all (Manhattan GM is heavier, IMO). I find that Le Fab is a great bag if you carry papers with you on a daily bases.
  5. i will be receiving a white Le Fab down the road too from a wonderful lady. i heard the Suhalis are easy to clean, just wipe down stray marks with a damp cloth-is that true?
  6. yes, where is the Le Fab queen, LVLover???:search:

    thank you so much for your input, ladies!
  7. Sandra, how do you like the L'Epanoui GM? I really like the look of that bag as well, but it seems like the Le Fab is more popular... so I thought it must be better for some reason... I don't carry papers around since I don't work, plus I already have a Bagtinolles Horizontal which fits papers/docs nicely.
  8. thank you :love:!

    it's not neccessarily 'better', but maybe because of its general appearance that makes everyone think it's tres fabuleux that makes it more popular :P.

    i absolutely LOVE my L'Epanoui GM :love:. the flat handles make it a tad more comfortable to carry on the shoulder than the rolled handles of the Le Fabuleux. and i find the leather plusher to the touch, maybe because it's not as structured as the Le Fabuleux. also, the handles can be adjusted so that the bag sits more comfortably against your body. so you might want to consider the L'Epanoui GM now :graucho:?
  9. It is a rather larger size bag. I personally dont find my mothers heavy at all (i guess im sooooo strong lol) but the only con I can think of is the PRICE!!!!!!! $3700!!!
  10. Absolutely!!!! :yahoo:
  11. Just don't buy the damier messenger bag if you are a girl IMO>
  12. IMO-

    It's pretty and very chic
    I think it's one of the best LV bags out there

    Fairly large (which is only a con for me because I am tiny)
    The handles are rolled and seems uncomfortable on the shoulder

    I wanted the Le Fab but ended up with a Le Tal because of my size. I want to get it one day. If you are able to get one, I would say go for it! : )
  13. Cons...I don't find the handles to be very comfortable on the shoulder and for a handbag, it's pretty heavy (not that big of a deal though). fits everything I need and like Michelle said, it's very pretty and chic! :wlae:
  14. It's very CHIC! :heart:
  15. I really love them and want a black one. I love the way it looks but I think the straps will be a little uncomfy..though I wouldn't really mind because I love the bag. I like bigger bags so the size doesn't bother me :smile: